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Southampton is the gateway to the immensely civilized city of London. There are museums to visit, pubs to try, and shops to browse, ranging from Harrods to open-air markets. There are more parks and green belts here than in any other city in the world. There are also caches of stately squares and noble monuments, holdovers from a time when the island ruled a significant portion of the globe.

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Best port, The home of cruising. Sports, theme parks, london, titanic. We've got it all. Honestly dont understand people giving it less than 5. Dont give it a low rating because it is only a turnaround port.


Royal Caribbean use Southampton’s City Cruise Terminal for the departure/arrival port. We have been through the terminal twice with two different ships and each time has been great. We were on the ship within 1 hour of arrival at the terminal on Monday 9th July 2018 which we thought was great as there was no waiting around. Once we disembarked Navigator of the Seas on Sunday 22nd July 2018 we were straight off and out of the terminal within 5 minutes. It’s a very fast, efficient way to get everyone off quickly and it is very well organised. City cruise terminal is great!


My home port. Plenty to see in Southampton. Don’t disappear up to London. It’s a medieval city so lots of buildings that are hundreds of years old. Very good restaurants outside the West Quay shopping mall and some good hotels to stay in.


I may lean towards favouring Southampton, as I was born here, I have lived here for my entire life and have no plans of uprooting. I am very proud of Southampton as a port city and the things that we have to offer here. Please feel free to add/message me for any advice. I'm pretty well versed as I pretty much live in the centre of the City (I can see ships (sometimes) from my front door!

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