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Peter the Great styled this to be his Venice of the North. Italian architects created baroque facades, the match of any, to line the banks of the Neva River. Long, arched bridges join the city's halves. You'll want to see the spires of the Saints Peter and Paul Fortress, the blue domes of the Ouspensky Cathedral and, of course, some of the million masterworks of art contained in the Hermitage galleries of the Winter Palace.

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The highlight of our trip! We took an independent tour with SPB Tours, and, with a smaller group (16) and an excellent tour guide (Maria) we spent 2 packed days seeing the highlights. At the end we were exhausted but had a wonderful sense of the culture and history of this remarkable city. We also had the opportunity to have a couple of authentic Russian lunches, including the mandatory tumbler of vodka.

Visited: Jun 03, 2018

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Our ship docked for 2 days in St. Petersburg. The first day, we did an excursion to Moscow via high speed train. It was expensive but really worth it. We did not get to see everything on the original itinerary because of the presidential inauguration, but it was still well worth it. We saw so many things and got so much information. We had a boat ride so that we could see sites from the river, as well. We saw St. Basil's (amazing), the Kremlin, Gorky Park, The Ministry of Defense, Christ our Savior Cathedral, Red Square, and so much more. It was incredible. On the second day, we toured St. Petersburg and saw the Peter and Paul Fortress with many stories as well as a few other sites, including Church of the Spilled Blood (a little disappointed because it's under renovation, but still stunning and amazing to see). In the afternoon, we did the excursion that allowed us to shop on Nevsky Prospect. It was a very busy two days, but just incredible. We loved every moment. FYI Russians DO smile!

Visited: May 01, 2018

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Done 2 Princess organised cruises, day 1 we went to the Hermitage which was stunning, & had some time on our own on Nevski Prospekt, it’s insane! Brilliant but insane. Day 2 was a tour around some local sites including the church of the saviour and spilt blood & trips on the underground, the stations are spectacular. I highly recommend seeing the underground to everyone.

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