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From Livorno, your path leads through the rolling green hills of Tuscany to Florence, the flower of the Renaissance. The creative explosion happened right here, with masterworks by Michelangelo, Brunelleschi and Botticelli now landmarks of daily life. Ufizzi, Academmia, il Duomo: the art treasures of a golden age are commonplace to blessed Florentines. Livorno also serves as the gateway to Pisa, home of the famous leaning tower.

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Private Pisa and Lucca Highlights Tour

Private Pisa and Lucca Highlights Tour


Private Pisa and Lucca Highlights TourOn this Livorno excursion, embark on a private journey to expe...

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Lucca and Pisa On Your Own

Lucca and Pisa On Your Own


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Private Michelangelo's Florence

Private Michelangelo's Florence


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Private Cinque Terre Driver

Private Cinque Terre Driver


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by koliver

I wish I could give Florence more than 5 stars! I was in awe...we are going back just to spend more time there. Everyone should go to Florence once...everyone.

Visited: Apr 17, 2018

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by GroovyJulie95

Some of our friends went to Florence, some went on tours that went to Pisa. We took a low-cost transfer bus to Pisa and pre-bought tickets to climb the tower of Pisa, though buying them in person would not have been hard either. It was a surreal experience. Whatever you do, visit one of these places!

Visited: May 24, 2018

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by gradan

Pisa is lovely, we did a tour and you arrive about 10 minutes walk from the site, you arrive in a very nice shopping area. The looky looky men didn't hassle you, remember to haggle with the sellers, and when you go through the gate the site blows you away.

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