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Civitavecchia is just moments from Rome, Italy's Eternal City. One of the most geographically perfect ports in the world, Civitavecchia boasts a number of compelling area attractions. Stroll through the streets of the medieval town of Tarquinia. View the resplendent Madonnina at the Resort of Pantano.

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We walked to the train and got off near Vatican City. Went to the Forum, the Colosseum, and Trevi Fountain. So great to see these awesome places!

Visited: Jun 04, 2017

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Rome, what can you say, it’s Rome!!! This is one of the few organised tours we have done & it was well worth it! As it is a bit away from the port and we have 2 young girls we thought it would be the best option. 1st stop was the coliseum, we didn’t go in but spent time having a good look around outside and in the surrounding area. Standing in awe looking up at the building makes you feel slightly insignificant somehow. Stop 2, was the trevi fountain & Spanish steps. Unfortunately the steps were closed for maintenance, but they did look quite impressive all the same. The fountain was spectacular and having lobbed the coin over the shoulder as directed by my wife, I should be back there at some point in the future! 3rd and final stop was St. Peter’s square. It was stunning, never have I felt so small in such an open and expansive area. We hadn’t planned on going into the basilica as we expected the queues to be massive, however there was no queue at the time we were there and we were able to walk straight in! My wife, who is not catholic was moved to tears inside, she was dumbstruck by the place, I’m catholic and I have to say I was too! All in all it was a great day & well worth the money paid for the excursion! Rome, we will be back!


So much fun...the history...the arts...the people, just amazing!!! The restaurants and the cuisine are incredible. Cant wait to experience more in the near future.

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