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Piraeus is the seaport for Athens, the capital of western civilization, which boasts a fantastic mix of classical ruins and vivacious modern life. In a single day, you can climb the hill of the Acropolis to wonder at the Parthenon, join the lively Athenians in Constitution Square, and then find a welcoming taverna for some spirited bizouki music, plenty of ouzo to drink, and with luck, energetic Greek dancing.

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Skip the high priced excursion package. Catch the X-80 bus outside the cruise terminal--4 euros for a 24 hour ticket--for an express ride to the Acropolis. The same ticket takes you back to the cruise terminal; buses run every 30 minutes.

Visited: Oct 21, 2015

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We did the hop on/hop off bus from Pireus into Athens. Then we toured the city on our own. Very easy and no huge pricetag from the ship's shore excursion. Stops were near everything we wanted to do and we had a great time!


In Piraeus, we skipping our usual train trip into Athens and opted for the “PR01 Corinth Canal”. After a couple of hours on the bus, we arrived in Corinth and went out on a bridge to see the canal from above. The bus went down to water level where our group hopped on a private boat to traverse the canal. They provided a surprising nice selection of local Greek food including spanakopita, shrimp, octopus and other snacks, washed down with a small glass of Ouzo.

Visited: Apr 27, 2016

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We had an amazing experience here!! Our 2 favorite restaurants were Smile and Poco Poco!


Back home! My family's village is 3 hours from Athens and the last time I was at the Parthenon I was just a little girl climbing on the steps of the Parthenon that are now roped off. I cried hoping that my Yiayia and mama in heaven could see me back home. It was the most beautiful site to see. All cities have graffiti and their issues which you must look past and scrape it all away to see the beauty. and I cried again as Captain Demetrios pulled the ship away from the dock with hope of returning home again one day and I watched the Parthenon fade off into the distance and stare at the hills of where my Yiayia was from.

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