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The setting for Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, Messina has much to offer in the way of history. Its dramatic, boulder-filled harbor has challenged navigators since the days of Ulysses. Try to visit the city's Bell Tower at the stroke of noon--the hour when one of the world's largest and most fanciful mechanical clocks springs into action. Messina's museum is also noteworthy for its Renaissance masterworks.

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This was probably my favorite port. We went to Taormina and Mt. Etna on a shared tour excursion: Being on Mt. Etna was truly life changing but bring a jacket! You're 6,000 feet above sea level and it's freezing! We went to a honey farm for free samples of honey, olive oil and wines and explored the beautiful shopping town or Taormina.

Visited: Oct 01, 2017

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Done our own thing on this island. Lots of litter and graffiti. Went to a little shop and had Gelato while there my husband accidentally set his wallet down on the counter when paying for it. About 15 minutes later as we were sitting outside, the worker came walking out and handed my husband his wallet. He had asked everyone in the shop if it was their. With all the talk of pick pocketing we were thrilled everyone was honest and denied it was theirs. My husband got his wallet back with everything still in it. A tip was given to the worker from my husband. ( which at first the worker tried refusing that)

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