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As Sardinia's capital, Cagliari is both a thriving modern city and a fine example of the varied history of this Italian island. Explore the Roman amphitheater, Spanish townhouses, and Pisan watchtowers. Antiquities from the native Nuraghi culture and from the Phoenician era onward are well-displayed in the National Archaeological Museum.

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by pilotsrus

Very hilly but the city bus is super convienient. Go to Place Yenne buy a ticket at the newsstand for 1.3 euro then take bus 7 for a great ride around the city, on the second round get off at the Castillo and walk back down the hills.

Visited: Nov 05, 2017

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by NYCFinAdvisor

WHAT A CITY! BEAUTIFUL port! If you can, take a tour in a Tricycle, like those tuk-tuks in Manila, which will take you all over the city through small streets all the way up to the Cathedral.... the city and the views are something you will always remember about Cagliari. There is a stand of this city tours on the pier, where the buses take you from the ship to the city center..... a very affordable tour!

Visited: Jun 14, 2015

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by beckatron14

Similar to Corsica, we felt we didn't have enough time here. There's so much to explore and just not enough time in port. We wish we had done an excursion to get more of a flavour of what seemed like a wonderful Island.

Visited: Jul 08, 2017

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