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Charlotte Amalie, is the capital of the United States Virgin Islands and the most popular cruise port in the Caribbean. Named for a Danish Queen, the city features pastel houses that are heavily sprinkled against a background of emerald hills. Colorful sloops dock along the waterfront, and a few steps back, down alleyways lined with old Danish warehouse buildings, is a world-famous shopping center.

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Where to Shop in St. Thomas

Today, St. Thomas is a major shopping destination thanks to an abundance of choice in product and the USVI’s generous duty-free allowance of $1,600 per person.

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by twangster

I was very excited to visit St Thomas in December shortly after it started receiving cruise ships again in the wake of 2017 hurricanes. I'm very happy with the progress that has been made. The lush green foliage has returned and you can see the energy and life of local residents has returned. I visited Magens Bay and it looks as beautiful as it always has. I ate at the Green House in downtown Charlotte Amalie, a restaurant I have visited many times in the past and once again enjoyed my favorite lunch, a blackened Mahi salad. The duty shops both downtown and at Havensight mall were all open. From a distance much of St Thomas is back to normal. There is no mistaking there are signs of hurricane damage in places and there remains a lot of activity to restore power to more residents every day. I overheard shipmates who only focused on the damage they could seek to find. I chose to focus on the beauty of St Thomas and it's residents who are ready and eager to greet us. St Thomas is back and ready for cruise ships and it's getting better everyday.


by jmccam

The island was starting to evacuate and understandably many things were closed. We ate lunch at Glady's Cafe and it was amazing. Very sad to see the damage from Irma. Hope to return soon to help boost their economy.

Visited: Sep 02, 2017

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by smg1st

St. Thomas, of course, has seen better days due to the hurricane. Still extensive damage, but that's why it's important for us to go and spend money and to get their economy roaring again! We did an excursion to an exclusive eco-reserve beach. It was a very nice, relaxing beach day.

Visited: Jan 20, 2018

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by starr68

Amazingly beautiful island. We grabbed a taxi in Port and he took us to a small beach. Beautiful setting and no crowds. Water was so clear you could see the bottom even though you couldn't touch it snorkel necessary! We had fish swimming around our feet and a stingray came in close to shore After the beach we took the Skyride up and watched the sun set from atop the hill. It was an amazing experience I would recommend to everyone!

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