What to Pack For Your Caribbean Cruise

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Keep a few things stashed in your suitcase, and you'll be able to pack for your cruise in minutes. - Photo by Valeriy Lebedev / Shutterstock

Not sure what to pack on your next Caribbean cruise? I keep a warm-weather cruise bag mostly packed at all times, which speeds up the process. Here’s my Caribbean cruise packing checklist:


1. A Toiletry Bag

toiletries bag travel pack caribbean cruise

Use 3-ounce bottles so you can bring it in your carry on. - Photo by Thinkstock

I keep this stocked with refillable 3-ounce bottles filled with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, makeup remover, and astringent, as well as a tiny perfume atomizer. I also stash in there a small tube of shaving cream and one of toothpaste, as well as floss and a toothbrush with a lid. (I love this Violife electric travel toothbrush.)


2. Travel-Specific Items and Trial Sizes of Things I Use Every Day

cruise caribbean travel items trialsize

Travel-size combs and brushes are essential. - Photo by Africa Studio / Shutterstock

In the pockets of my suitcase, I keep a small blow-dryer, comb, brush, and solid deodorant. These stay there at all times so I never have to pack them before my cruise.


3. A “Summer Cruise Bag:”

cruise summer bag caribbean packing list

Keeping a summer bag packed can save you a ton of time. - Photo by scyther5 / Shutterstock

In the wintertime, I keep a bag of warm-weather items I can grab quickly and stash in my suitcase before a cruise, including two bathing suits, a cover-up, sunglasses, goggles, sunscreen, water shoes, and snorkel gear. (I hate to rent something that goes in my mouth — gross.)


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4. Cruise Clothing:

clothing caribbean cruise packing list

Only take what you need for a seven-day cruise to avoid over packing. - Photo by Africa Studio / Shutterstock

I keep a list of the clothing I need for a one-week cruise or resort trip taped inside my bag and, the night before I head to the airport, I throw the following items in the suitcase:

     • 7 pairs of underwear

     • 5 bras; 2 sports bras

     • 3 pairs of shorts

     • 2 pairs of lightweight pants

     • 7 tops

     • 3 casual sundresses (I pick ones I can roll up)

     • 1 dress for formal night (if necessary) 

     • 3 pairs of shoes: flip-flops, casual sandals, and heels

Of course, if you’re a guy, replace the bras, dresses, and heels with a tie, jacket, and dress shoes.

Insider Tip:

I used to pack sneakers and workout clothes, but after years of traveling, I learned that I’ll always choose to do something else on a cruise. So I stopped the aspirational sneaker packing, and now I just have extra room in my bag. The key is knowing yourself: If you’re someone who will actually make your gym routine a priority, make sure you bring those things.


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What do you keep in your suitcase?


Posted by RoadWarrior7

As I plan to work out at the Pulse Fitness Center every morning while on board the Getaway, I will keep a separate suitcase with 7 full changes of workout attire, workout gloves, and a pair of gym shoes, along with 3 pairs of swim trunks. My primary suitcase consists mainly of khakis, a pair of black slacks, a few dress shirts and ties, and a few golf shirts. I am considering packing a suit for two special dinners (one being on my birthday). Most importantly, my lucky Illinois football jersey will be included for trips to the beach.

Posted by meghad23

I found that even when I was routine with the gym, I never made it while on the cruise, but sneakers were the way to go when I did excursions and exploring ports. I pack my sunglasses, socks, or small items in the shoes to help maximize space!

Posted by flexibleFreddy

This is excellent information regarding packing

Posted by Marabella

On a seven day cruise to the Caribbean any idea of which nights are dress up. Thanks

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