11 Best Things to Do in St. Thomas

things to do in st thomas
St. Thomas offers fab beaches without language barriers or currency exchanges. - Photo by Fyne Photos / eStockPhoto

More often than not, you kick off your cruise vacation in a city port battling the kinds of stresses —traffic, pollution, sirens — that you’re on vacation to escape. Then there’s St. Thomas. As a U.S. Virgin Island, it’s got the ease of a domestic port — your cell phone works and everyone speaks English — with the allure of a foreign locale. So put your feet up, grab a rum punch, and watch your ship come in because here's our list of the 11 best things to do in St. Thomas.


st. thomas frenchman's reef resort caribbean
The infinity pool at Frenchman's Reef - Photo by Frenchman's Reef

Splurge: At Home in the Tropics – This 200-year-old historic residence was converted in 2006 to a four-room home away from home. Owners Pam and Matt Eckstein welcome you with a bubbling wealth of information about the island and send you off in the morning with a hearty breakfast of stuffed French toast and fluffy omelets. Try to book room one or two, both of which have a private upper deck opening onto views of the palm-fringed hillside leading down to the sea. All rooms have their own poolside mini-fridge, free snacks, and water.

Steal: Frenchman’s Reef – Overlooking Charlotte Amalie Harbor, this 478-room Marriott hotel gives you a stunning preview of what’s to come with panoramic views of the turquoise Caribbean. A $48 million renovation completed in 2011 added modern elegance to guest rooms with herringbone carpets, hardwood headboards, and a tropical palette.

The resort is split into two: the main family-friendly Frenchman’s Reef and the more expensive, boutique-style Morning Star. Which should you choose? Though the rooms were more recently renovated at Frenchmen’s, we prefer Morning Star for its pristine beach and balconies. Added bonus? The hotel has its own dock for easy access to sailing and other water sports, as well as a ferry downtown, so there’s no need to rent a car.

Tip: Avoid the hassle of renting a car and navigating the heart-pounding curvy roads of St. Thomas by taking cabs. Rates are per-person, per-destination, so ask your hotel how much you should expect to pay, and establish the rate with the driver before leaving.


old stone farmhouse st. thomas caribbean
The dining room at Old Stone Farmhouse - Photo by Old Stone Farmhouse

Breakfast: Gladys’ Café – Fuel up for a day of shopping at this locals-favorite café tucked within the stone walls of a historic alley off Charlotte Amalie’s main street. Go for the fried fish and grits, and (if you love it as much as we do), you’ll want to come back for a lunch of conch fritters or salt fish and dumplings.

Lunch: Fish Tails – Local fishermen deliver fresh catches daily to this open-air dockside restaurant. The sprawling menu ranges from fish pastas to po’ boys, but our favorites are the whole fried fish with creole sauce and the Caribbean lobster, which you can wash down with a Virgin Islands Summer Ale (or three).

Dinner: Old Stone Farmhouse – If you’re looking for romance, book a table at the Old Stone Farmhouse, which is tucked within a converted 200-year-old stable on an old sugar plantation. On the menu? Shrimp ceviche, curried beef empanadas, and local mahi-mahi with key lime buerre blanc.

Nightcap: Iggies Beach Bar – With palm trees lit by Christmas lights and frozen drinks in tiki mugs, Iggies is the quintessential Caribbean bar. Located 4 miles east of Charlotte Amalie, this rowdy roadhouse offers everything from beach volleyball to karaoke.

Tip: Dress codes in St. Thomas are flip-flop casual at all but the toniest dinner spots, so you can save your nicer outfits for the cruise.


magens bay st. thomas beach caribbean
Magens Bay

For everyone: Charlotte Amalie – This capital city, once a pirate hideaway, is a rainbow of 17th-century Danish colonial buildings housing cafés, bars, and boutiques. Visit historic sites like Fort Christian — the oldest standing structure in the Virgin Islands — Emancipation Garden, and Market Square. Then pick up local souvenirs (picture straw baskets, calabash bowls, and hand-sewn dolls) in the warehouse-like Native Arts and Crafts Cooperative.

For everyone: Beaches – Don’t just spend the day at one beach — plan to see several. Start your day on the tucked-away Hull Bay, a stretch of sand on the north shore known for surfer-friendly waves. Two miles to the west sits the famous Magens Bay, a palm-shaded strip of sugary sand with shallow swimmer-friendly waters. (Arrive after 2 pm to avoid the crowds.) If you’re feeling frisky, walk down the short path to the clothing-optional Little Magens Bay, a favorite of President Bill Clinton, who opted to keep his trunks on. Or head to snorkeler fave Coki Beach and follow the rainbow-hued fish through the crystalline water.

For everyone: In 2019, there's a new company in town and it's sure to float many visitors' boats — literally. St. Thomas CycleBoats operates a vessel that is 1/3 boat, 1/3 bicycle, and 1/3 bar all in one. The CycleBoats can hold 16 passengers plus a captain and first mate. There are ten pedaling stations at the bar which turns the rear paddle wheel of the boat. Travelers can bring their own music to be played on the Bluetooth speakers onboard, as well as their own drinks that can chill in the provided ice coolers. Tours start at 10 am for cruise guests, are two hours long, and cost $50 per person or $675 to rent out the entire vessel. All ages are welcome, including kids. 

For couples: Charter a boat – Tribal Day Sails will rent you its 40-foot, high-performance boat for a just-the-two-of-us adventure. The skipper and his crew will spirit you away to private coves and secluded cays, or you can take it slower, dropping anchor for private swims and time in the boat’s hammocks.

For families: Coral World Ocean Park – Even the theme park averse have to admit that Coral World is a tourist attraction that lives up to the hype. It features a three-story underwater observation tower 100 feet offshore, an 80,000-gallon coral reef exhibit, a 2-acre dolphin habitat, and pools for petting baby sharks, sting rays, and starfish. More adventurous kiddies (and parents) can swim with sea lions or sharks.

For the adventurous: Cas Cay Ecotour – Kayak through the red mangrove lagoons of Cas Cay, a wildlife preserve on the island’s southeast coast. Watch for pelicans, herons, and egrets above, and stingrays and multicolored fish below. Then hike along the coral-strewn beach, exploring the volcanic cliffs and critter-filled tidal pools.

Tip: Keep your eyes peeled for roadside treats. Some of the best treasures in St. Thomas sit in unlikely places. We love Udder Delite, a cute roadside milkshake shack near Magens Bay, and Duffy’s Love Shack, a tiki hut near Red Hook that serves drinks in fish bowls.

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Posted by StThomianLocal

Instead of Duffy's, head right across the parking lot to XO or across the street to Caribbean Saloon which is more a kind to a sports bar with good food & live music when scheduled. Señor Frogs is also a nice little bar with good food. Stay away from Taco Hell! Absolutely gross! Megan's Bay is awesome but the facilities are not well maintained, ie unclean as well as the bar. Who we're a sweat band on their wrist & slides the bottle opener under it to hold it. That's gross! I've seen several bartenders do this. It's especially gross in outdoor HUMID bars which promotes perspiration. Wait till you've been here a few hours & rub your skin. See the dirt collect? There are plenty of great beaches here & that's the absolute best "ting" about St. Thomas. I am an Estate Wintberg resident.

Posted by StThomianLocal

I can't believe you people mention a dump like Duffy's? Makes me shake my head & wonder how drunk you were when you were there! That place is a disgusting dive! There are so many more bars with much more friendly staff & CLEANER! Only coked out bar rats go to Duffy's.

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