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Oh how I loved this island !!! The ppl , places and the water Especially the water was so blue and warm saw many fish on our snorkel tour can’t wait to go back in Jan 2019


pls send many prayers to this island *And all hit by the storms * I finally spoke to a friend on this island and it's just a complete mess and devastated . they need our support and prayers. Once they get the port up and running eniigh to hold cruise ships let's all book many trips to these places to give them all the travel and tourism $ we can give . don't worry if the islands can give you a tour etc... lets all think ABOUT what we can bring to the islands to give to them... I know all cruisers are Very generous and wanna help. lets all dig deep into our pockets and help these island's in all the ways we possibly can.


We did the Virgin Gorda Baths Tour. This was awesome! Totally worth the $85/ per person. YOU MUST BE ABLE TO BE PHYSICALLY ACTIVE. It is a self guided tour on a lot of uneven surfaces. Would recommend water shoes or go shoe-less.

Visited: Jan 08, 2017

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