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Samana Bay is the gateway to Puerto Plata, located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. Luxury resorts and casinos give way to the tourist bazaar where you can shop for straw goods and other tropical specialties, like unique amber jewelry. If shopping is not your bag, check out the 70 miles of beaches.

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Beautiful tropical rain forest and rural Dominican countryside. Went on the "jeep" tour excursion...which is actually an open bus which takes you to a number of different sites across the island...such as fresh cocoa sampling shop and a waterfall and rustic beach. I absolutely loved this tour. So much to see from the "jeep".


Took a ''tuk-tuk'' taxi to get to Cayennas Del Mar beach, which we see from the ship, about 20 minutes away from the dock. Quiet area.

Visited: Jan 23, 2015

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What a beautiful unspoiled place! But, we were told the ships were going to once again stop going to Samana due to tendaring. They want to build a cruise dock with stores, etc and the DR does not want it since it would spoil the natural beauty of the island. Guess the cruiselines are trying to force them into it by not giving them the tourism that they rely on. How sad for all.

Visited: Apr 05, 2014

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