523 Regal Princess Tips


Jan 14, 2015

Loved all the ports especially St. Thomas!


Nov 21, 2014

Make sure you spend time in the Sanctuary - well worth it! And dine at Sabatini's and don't miss the free pizza at Alfredo's.


Nov 17, 2014

Elevators were busy, so take the stairs.


Nov 24, 2014

Mid ship does not have stairs only an elevator. This should be changed in the future.


Dec 31, 2014

There is no laundry on Lido deck and the rooms are all toward the front so you have to go a deck below and all the way to the back of the ship to get to one small laundry. Very inconvenient; on board laundry is quite expensive. Loved the buffets and service they provided getting your drinks, etc.


Feb 26, 2015

Recommend "anything" dining to add flexibility to your shore excursion schedule. Make 'anything' dining reservations early in morning to avoid long wait lines.


Sep 30, 2015

The Regal and Royal ships are on our "do not sail" list. They are just too big and are designed to maximize people movement.


Jul 01, 2016

We figured out after a day or two, when the peak times were at the restaurants and the buffet, and we avoided those times. I have read many reviews that stated that crowds and waiting were a problem. With a little observation, we did not have a problem.


Sep 27, 2016

Take the galley tour, try the shooting range


Sep 27, 2016

Enjoy the good food in your formal dining restaurant, or go to Alfredo'S and to the buffett at Horizons. The Agnoleti dish and the pizzas in Alfredo's were superb.


Dec 26, 2017

Don't overly pack. Use the laundry service. That way you can save room for souvenirs or shopping.


Nov 16, 2014

Try the specialty dining, you won't be disappointed.


Jan 28, 2015

board and leave the ship when they schedule you. Don't go early or the lines are too long. They won't leave without you.


Feb 02, 2015

The process for boarding the ship and leaving the ship in Fort Lauderdale was the fastest we have experienced in several ports. If leaving from terminal 2, park in the parking garage right across the street. Save 25 minutes by using the elevator to get your luggage back to your car.


Jun 05, 2017

Do not expect any help from the Customer Service Desk Personnel. Be aware of pick pockets at EVERY PORT


Oct 26, 2015

We made our dining reservation for the specialty restaurant as we were boarding. It is much easier to get an early dining time. My advise is "go early" to wherever you have to be.


Jul 31, 2016

Except for Berlin and St. Petersburg, one can plan to see many of the sites in the other ports on your own!


Dec 04, 2014

Larger balcony would have been welcome


Jan 13, 2016


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