535 Norwegian Bliss Tips

Jun 19, 2018

Book Everything as early as you can

Jun 12, 2018

Book your Specialty Restaurant and Entertainment choices as soon as you arrive on the ship if you had not been able to book before boarding.

Jun 14, 2018

The middle elevators are always busy use the front or back ones. Atrium entertainment was packed and fabulous

Jun 05, 2019

Way too many people on board. over 4000 Not relaxing. dont waste your money on this to Alaska; Maybe the winter months the ship goes to Carribean is better, but it was a shame; MY IMPRESSION IS- A HIGH END LOOKING SHIP WITH A LOW CLASS BUNCH OF PEOPLE. People wearing their baseball caps backwards, flip flops and jeans in the Fancy dining rooms

Oct 23, 2018

Be sure to check out all the activities and restaurants onboard,

Jun 27, 2019

If it is too late to book on another cruise line, and you have to sail on the Bliss, be prepared to spend additional money. We felt "nickled and dimed." There were additional charges for everything, and we weren't prepared for it. We had the premium beverage package and still had to pay for water. If we wanted room service, we had to pay additional service charges. It was ridiculous.

Oct 13, 2019

Smile it will make life so much better in every situation .

Apr 16, 2019

plan to have fun and meet up with great people

Nov 06, 2019

Have a lot of patience because it's crowded.

Dec 18, 2019

Book shows and specialty restaurants before boarding

Mar 16, 2019

Don’t go if you do not like crowds!

Nov 06, 2019

don't buy any drinks onboard very expensive everything has a 20% tax/tip. try Princess or RCCL or Celebrity you will notice a big difference

Jul 15, 2019

Get to the buffet when it first opens every time. Disembarkation in port is a nightmare wtih no organization by the crew, so get in line extra early if it's important to you.

Mar 18, 2019

Make sure you upgrade your room if you want some space, otherwise it can get very uncomfortable.

Mar 18, 2019

I guess just be alittle more patient than I was with people (guests) onboard. So many selfish, self entitled, rude people in today's society.

Mar 19, 2019

Try to get into Vibe. It was very relaxing. I don't care for the nonsense at the main pool area, so this escape was worth the price.

Mar 19, 2019

Surprise add on charges for everything despite being "all inclusive", IE- want wifi- thats $307/week. Cattle call activities and food for the masses. Dont go to health center, their "nominal fee" for basic health was $1,001 upcharge...sad they found a profit center for guests not feeling well....which was driven by the coffin like room. Was told halucinations and not feeling weel are normal, employee even said " how do you think we feel being stuck on the ship for 6 months!" Enough said.

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