154 Noordam Tips


Feb 17, 2017

If you are traveling with a group of friends, it's advisable to have assigned seatings at the dining room. Don't have to wait for your turn to be seated.


Feb 18, 2017

Pick the Noordam if you want a size of ship that has a nice selection of amenities but is not too large that makes you feel like you get lost in a crowd while on board.


Mar 05, 2017

Be prepared for poor entertainment. If you order a birthday cake don't do it on the last day, it wont show up.


Mar 13, 2017

Visit the actupointer specialist if you get sea sick.


Apr 14, 2017

Older crowd. If you're 65 or younger, expect to feel like mildly out of place.


May 04, 2017

Make reservations early for anytime dining.


May 26, 2017

Once on board, we were able to get early seating, then go to open dining, and then back to early. We enjoyed the flexibility.


Jul 20, 2017

Get the spa package. It is well worth it.


Jun 20, 2017

We enjoyed having a regular dining time - it allowed us to know our waiters, which was a pleasure. We also got to know the other diners near us. We met them in the Blues Club for dancing several nights!


Jun 29, 2017

Be sure to get a room with a verandah especially if going to Alaska. Viewing from common decks outside was cold and crowded but great from the room. No laundry facilities but laundry very reasonable to send out. Slippers, robes, binoculars furnished so don't pack those.


Jul 02, 2017

We chose open seating for our dining experience. It is very casual, from people in bath robes (not appropriate in our opinion, but to give you an idea of what was worn) and swimwear to dress clothes. If you want a more elegant experience, choose set dining times with formal nights.


Jul 24, 2017

Take warm clothes, talk to fellow passengers, amazing people Enjoy being spoiled


Jul 26, 2017

Tour the facilities right away. The spa only sold 40 weekly passes. I would recommend it to anyone.


Jul 30, 2017

Not to big. Just right size and highly recommend the captain


Aug 07, 2017

You don't have to worry about a thing! They transfer you from place to place and have all your steps planned out when you get to each destination in your Welcome Packet including what time you have to be where for even your excursions. Your luggage is always waiting for you in your room when you arrive and is picked up at your door. We had a terrific experience with Holland America! We have sailed on Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Disney. We say they are the one of the best!


Aug 13, 2017

If you are going to Alaska, get a balcony or oceanview room. The scenery is unbelieveable.


Aug 18, 2017

Spend time on Deck 10 -- not crowded, and the views are splendid.


Sep 25, 2017

The Crow's Nest is the place to be - get there early.


Sep 06, 2017

Don't buy the drink plan unless you plan on drinking at least 7 or 8 drinks per day, every day.

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