154 Noordam Tips


Mar 07, 2020

There was not a lot to do at night . We did not like the ‘ America’s Test Kitchen’ we are in our 70s and there wasn’t a lot to do.


Feb 18, 2020

Eat in specialty restaurants! Dining room not that good


Feb 15, 2020

Follow up with the front desk if you have connections when departing the ship ours was disgraceful


Jan 28, 2020

Enjoy yourself ship and crew are one of the best dam ships


Jan 27, 2020

Get to the music. Don't pay extra for Pinnacle.


Jan 27, 2020

Watch for the happy hours on the ship. The time & places change sometime daily. If you want your kids to enjoy kids club & you want to see a show without them make sure you select the early dining time. Weird tip from my kiddos.....If your kids like the veggie sticks & ranch dipping sauce appetizer on the room service menu you can order more than one order & have them put on one plate. (1 order is small) it’s also not on the late night room service menu so cutoff for this is 9:30pm ;) If you miss the charm bracelet deal of the day at the time listed in the planner, you can go to the shops & they will let you purchase it later in the day too or even sometimes the next day for the same price.


Jan 21, 2020

Definitely consider alternative excursions. Most reputable tour companies guarantee they’ll get you back to the ship on time, and we found they had better itineraries and were cheaper. We only took one HAL excursion, and it was by far our least favorite.


Jan 11, 2020

Ask the dessert counter for bread pudding


Nov 26, 2019

Don’t miss the Crow’s Nest.


Nov 12, 2019

Applies to any ship: Be kind to other passengers by coughing/sneezing in your sleeve and contiuously wash your hands. Treat the crew the same way you would want to be treated.


Oct 13, 2019

Take advantage of a suite especially on an Alaskan cruise. The scenery and veranda make for an exceptional trip


Sep 30, 2019

Ship needs a refit it’s just ok. Probably wouldn’t sail noordam again


Sep 25, 2019

Don't get hurt because they won't help you.


Sep 24, 2019

Bring electrical outlet cord and small flash light


Sep 16, 2019

Older more mature (ie boring) crowd


Sep 14, 2019

Wear steel toed shoes because my toes got run over every day by someones scooter.

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