30 MSC Fantasia Tips


Aug 18, 2014

Pool at the back of the ship is less busy


Jul 24, 2014

Book a drink package. Select one that best meets your needs and pre book it. You save the 15% gratuity on each bill if you pre book. Best thing we did. If you enjoy laying by the pool after your day off the ship, return about 1 hour before the ship departs to get a sun chair. It fills up fast.


Apr 17, 2013

Dont go past 7 am for breakfast on your last day!!! ITs crazy!!!!


Jul 09, 2014

If you want to do Europe as a European, this is the ship. I wish Rick Steve's would recommend.. Travel as a temporary local. NO thte cruise if you are a fussy American that wants things done American style. But I loved the experience


Mar 28, 2016

If you want a good table with a nice view go before 7 am.


Mar 05, 2016

If you think the buffet will be crowded, try coming in from the back where there is often more seating available. Also, if you come in the front, don't necessarily stop there for food. Many of the items are repeated as you proceed to the rear and there may be less crowding.


Jun 01, 2017

Be cautious with purchasing items on the ship. They were selling Valentino handbags, claiming they are authentic but workmanship is poor & products are made in China not Italy. After speaking with Store Assistant Manager, he said they are Class B, Mario Valentino products. Returned the products!


May 11, 2015

Try breakfasts and lunches in different restaurants in lieu of just doing it at the buffet.


Sep 04, 2016

Morning buffet was an obstacle course at times! Dinner in the Red Velvet room was lovely but service was sometimes spotty or slow. Thankfully we had access to a private sun deck because the pool area is often very loud and filled with smokers.


Mar 19, 2017

No special remarks. All seemed well organised.


Sep 13, 2017

If you like a big vessel with many people, you are right onboard MSC Fantasia


Jan 03, 2018

Try the formal dining room breakfast and lunch, much better than the buffet. Good menu choice mixed with buffet and waiter service means you can eat together and you get to meet other passengers and exchange ideas and tips.


Apr 04, 2019

Watch the hygiene as many people didn't sanatise their hands and we both picked up colds!!


May 28, 2018

Yacht Club is the only way to travel on the MSC cruise line. Any other category would be sub par.


May 29, 2018

WiFi doesn't work, so save your euros


Jul 31, 2018

You don't need shampoo or soap, a clothes line, coat hooks, bath towels, high heels,...


Oct 19, 2018

take some wire coat hangers for all your gowns to hang


Dec 21, 2018

i think it is great if you cruise with children or just to have fun

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