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El Sombrero Tex Mex Photo

El Sombrero Tex Mex

(1 Review)

For lovers of spicy food, Tex Mex El Sombrero is the right choice. Sample all the tastes of Mexican...

Il Cappuccino Coffee Bar Photo

Il Cappuccino Coffee Bar

At the Il Cappuccino Coffee Bar, the interior design is inspired by the scent of chocolate, evoked b...

Il Cerchio d'Oro Restaurant Photo

Il Cerchio d'Oro Restaurant

(1 Review)

Il Cerchio d'Oro restaurant, on the stern of the ship, features a breathtaking panorama which inspir...

La Cantina Toscana Photo

La Cantina Toscana

True connoisseurs can find the most renowned Italian wines at La Cantina Toscana, a wine bar that we...

L'Africana Buffet Photo

L'Africana Buffet

The buffet offers a sensational casual dining experience anytime from 6 in the morning to 2 at night...

L'Etoile French Restaurant Photo

L'Etoile French Restaurant

For those who seek a romantic atmosphere, L'Etoile restaurant, inspired by the Parisian Belle Epoque...

Piazza San Giorgio Photo

Piazza San Giorgio

Sample the delights of Piazza San Giorgio. With its bar ice-cream parlour, pastry and chocolate shop...

Red Velvet Restaurant Photo

Red Velvet Restaurant

Red Velvet restaurant is distinguished by the attention paid to the details of its furnishings, from...

Zanzibar Buffet Photo

Zanzibar Buffet

(1 Review)

The Zanzibar buffet offers a sensational casual dining experience anytime from 06:00 in the morning...

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