119 Mardi Gras Tips


Sep 22, 2021

Go hungry lol shows are excellent


Sep 23, 2021

The entrance to the Theater is hard to get to.. especially if you want to bypass the casino... so there are two ways..If you go all the way forward on deck 8 and go down the stairs you can get to the top level...if you go all the way forward on deck 6 and walk by the spa you can go in the lower part of the theater.


Sep 24, 2021

Plan to schedule another cruise you will love the experience


Sep 25, 2021

Book teppanyaki early! It fills up quick but is so worth it!


Sep 26, 2021

Enjoy everything the ship has to offer.


Sep 27, 2021

Be ready to walk, so don’t be afraid to eat. Enjoy all the different food options because you will find that special thing that makes you happy


Sep 27, 2021

One dings means down and two dings mean up when waiting for an elevator. People will jump ahead of you and close the door right in your face. Arrived at least 30 minutes early for bingo and deal or no deal if you want a great seat. While waiting you can go to the cafe on deck 6 and gets yourself some free food. You don’t have to go all the way to the lido deck.


Sep 28, 2021

Have a great time! Something for everyone.


Sep 29, 2021

Make sure you don’t have a restaurant below you .. constant music


Sep 29, 2021

Wear good walking shoes for the entire trip


Sep 29, 2021

If you plan to do specialty dining and like to eat early, sign up for Anytime/Your Time Dining. These guests get priority over the assigned dining guests.


Sep 30, 2021

Be sure to watch videos on how to work the bathroom doors. They can be confusing and hard to operate


Oct 01, 2021

The handicapped bathroom will open, providing a peep show for all the people waiting to use the bathroom, if you do not swipe your hand over the lock once the door closes. Take it from someone who provided the free entertainment.


Oct 03, 2021

Take the time to try and eat at all restaurants.


Oct 03, 2021

I think sailing at a lower capacity made my trip much more enjoyable. Go now before they return to full capacity. Explore the ship! Try new food venues and activities.


Oct 03, 2021

Cabin light switches require inserting your sail & sign card to operate. We defeated this by inserting an insurance card. Any card will do. Also, find an ironing room (there is one on deck 15). It has a large utility sink with paper towels. Great place to wash sand out of the water shoes and goggles!


Oct 04, 2021

Totally new design. Get lost easy but great ship


Oct 04, 2021

Be prepared to hunt for the venues and things you want on this ship.... everything is hidden.


Oct 04, 2021

Please look at the big picture when you book your cabin. If you expect privacy on your balcony - look very close at what's above and below. One smoking area is deck 8 and we could see inside the balcony cabins on deck 9.

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