63 Mardi Gras Tips


Aug 07, 2021

Take your time to explore the ship and enjoy all she has to offer. You may have to come back to get everything in but it will be worth the return trip. We are going back in Novmber


Aug 07, 2021

On port days, if you want an elevator going up, jump on one going down... it's quicker!


Aug 07, 2021

If you love new and improved this is it. Carnival really thought of everything! Be willing to try everything. There’s literally something for everyone on this ship.


Aug 07, 2021

Make dinning reservations in advance, they fill up very quickly.


Aug 12, 2021

Be patient with the staff as they were still getting used to the ship


Aug 14, 2021

be ready to eat a lot, with so many specialty restaurants you should be ready to try a different one every day. also when you are on the 6-8th floor you feel like you are on a different cruiseline entirely, the feel is more like a holland America ship or royal


Aug 14, 2021

Enjoy yourself, beautiful ship but skip the extra for a Spa Deck room on this ship. We spoke with many cruisers on our deck, 17, that felt the same way.


Aug 16, 2021

Sailing at 60% capacity on a huge ship there will be plenty of pool chairs and minimal wait lines


Aug 16, 2021

Honestly be happy to be on vacation! Carnival and the employees are just trying to comply with the ever changing covid rules and protocols. We are all human. Make the most of your time!


Aug 18, 2021

Definitely will want to precook Rudi’s Seagrill and Fahrenheit 555. Excellent and a great value.


Aug 19, 2021

go and have one hell of a time ..cause you will enjoy every minute of your cruise


Aug 21, 2021

It is a large ship but the zones are well organized and flow smoothly. Get ready to have fun!


Aug 21, 2021

Have plenty of masks, be patient with the new design and explore it all!!


Aug 22, 2021

Have lots of fun because the week goes way too fast


Aug 24, 2021

Don't overplan.... there is so much to see and do daily. Trying to do it all you forget to rest and relax. Take a of the people/ names on the ship so you dont forget who they are for the tips and/ or reviews. The bathroom doors are motion activated, wait 10 secs for the door to close then wave your hand to lock the door.


Aug 24, 2021

If you're a seasoned cruiser, keep in mind that MANY thing have changed regarding health protocols and wellbeing, but it ultimately is for the passenger and staff's benefit. Don't get all uptight.....enjoy yourself!


Aug 24, 2021

Book specialty restaurants before you starve


Aug 25, 2021

Be careful when using public restrooms doors take a while to close.

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