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Alchemy Bar Photo

Alchemy Bar

(3 Reviews)

Intimate Lounge. The theme of this bar is pharmacy and the medicine is custom made cocktails. Have...

Bar della Rosa Photo

Bar della Rosa

(2 Reviews)

This new space Bar della Rosa inspired by the country’s charming cafes with classic Italian cocktail...

Brass Magnolia Bar Photo

Brass Magnolia Bar

(2 Reviews)

Located in the French Quarter, grab a seat and let a bartender know what your pleasure is think abou...

Fortune Teller Bar Photo

Fortune Teller Bar

If you’ve strolled along New Orleans’ French Quarter in the evening, you’re not alone in feeling tha...

Grand View Bar Photo

Grand View Bar

Overlooking Grand Central is the multi-level Grand View Bar which like its name implies offers guest...

Havana Bar Photo

Havana Bar

(3 Reviews)

The pool bar becomes a hot dance spot when the sun goes down. Grab a seat at the bar and order up a...

Heroes Tribute Lounge Photo

Heroes Tribute Lounge

There’s a place in Carnival's heart for heroes… and now there’s a spot to salute them! We’re talking...

Limelight Lounge Photo

Limelight Lounge

Vegas-style Lounge featuring live music and other entertainment options.

Piano Bar 88  Photo

Piano Bar 88

(1 Review)

Ambiance to spare. Smooth tunes and relaxed vibe that's somewhere between an old noir movie and the...

Redfrog Tiki Bar Photo

Redfrog Tiki Bar

(2 Reviews)

Let’s recap what we know about the mysterious RedFrog so far. He’s cute, he knows how to chill… and...

The Watering Hole Photo

The Watering Hole

Situated within The Patio at Summer Landing, The Watering Hole is modeled after a fun backyard gathe...

Tides Pool Bar Photo

Tides Pool Bar

Grab a drink by the pool.

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