Heroes Tribute Lounge on Mardi Gras

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There’s a place in Carnival's heart for heroes… and now there’s a spot to salute them! We’re talking about the military folks you can count on to take a mission that matters and get it done. You’ll find proof of the commitment to them on board at Heroes Tribute™ Bar & Lounge, an ongoing recognition of sacrifices made by Armed Services personnel and their families. By the way… it’s also a friendly place to grab a drink! Everybody’s welcome at this bar, so get together and raise a glass to defenders of freedom. Tip: The glass is important! Bring home an exclusive souvenir glass and Carnival will donate $1 of your purchase to Operation Homefront. (This amazing organization provides military families with rent-free housing, helping get wounded veterans and their loved ones back on their feet.)

2 Heroes Tribute Lounge Reviews


by KevinOMReb

I’ve tried it on Vista and Mardi. Still just ok. Good beef. Beans not.

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by binabinet56

Very peaceful,and humbling

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