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Beach Pool and whirlpool Photo

Beach Pool and whirlpool

(2 Reviews)

Take a swim in this saltwater pool or just relax poolside - whatever floats your boat. This is the...

Havana Pool  Photo

Havana Pool

The relaxation pool is an exclusive retreat to paradise for Havana Cabana guests.

Loft 19 Cabana & Pool Photo

Loft 19 Cabana & Pool

Book an Excel Suite and enjoy access to one of Carnival’s new concepts, Loft 19. Located on the shi...

Patio Pool & Whirlpool Photo

Patio Pool & Whirlpool

Relax in the whirlpool or enjoy a swim!

Serenity Adult-Only area   Photo

Serenity Adult-Only area

(11 Reviews)

The world you'll find yourself in is one of complete peace, sea breezes and, of course, a nearby bar...

Summer Landing Photo

Summer Landing

(2 Reviews)

Go ahead and call Summer Landing 'the greatest chill spot at sea'... and we'll be right there with y...

Tides Pool and whirlpool Photo

Tides Pool and whirlpool

(1 Review)

Take a swim or just relax poolside - whatever floats your boat.

Waterworks Aqua Park Photo

Waterworks Aqua Park

(2 Reviews)

For those who flock to waterparks just ready to make a splash, we’d suggest sliding on over to Water...

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