If you’ve strolled along New Orleans’ French Quarter in the evening, you’re not alone in feeling that mysteries and surprises lie around every corner. A French Quarter-styled zone on a new ship wouldn’t be complete without an unassuming little bar that feels like it’s always been there. On Mardi Gras™, that’s Fortune Teller! Spirits truly abound here, and our unnaturally talented bartenders will be pleased to conjure up recipes like the all-black New Moon, the changes-color-before-your-eyes Abracadabra and the Golden Galaxy … actually made with a bit of real gold. Call us supernatural, but we’re sensing vacation fun in your future.

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by Rbailey71

The Russian bar tender needs to learn that lime juice is a fruit! My husband asked her multiple times for a drink with no fruit because he is allergic to fruit so she makes him a drink with lime juice in it!!

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by Bcruisinsoon

I had the crystal ball cocktail loved it

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