1090 Freedom of the Seas Tips


Jun 16, 2014

If you want to lay out on the main pool deck, you seriously have to get there at 8 am. The best time to actually swim is about 5 pm when everyone is getting ready for early seating dinner.


Jun 21, 2014

Go to the Windjammer for all meals. Greater selection, excellent quality, better views of the ocean.


Jul 05, 2014

The room attendant seems to be hiding just outside to freshen the room. What a vacation from housework!


Jul 05, 2014

Adult pool was a great place to hang out if you don't have kids.


Jul 20, 2014

DON'T DO MY TIME DINING! You'll be eating in the Windjammer most nights if you don't want to wait for hours to eat.


Jul 26, 2014

Take advantage of your time on board. It goes by way to quick. If there is something you want to see or do, don't put it off for another day because you run out of time to do it.


Jul 26, 2014

The showers are very small. Go to the spa and shower in spacious showers or enjoy the sauna and steam room.


Aug 02, 2014

Buffet is your best bets for breakfast and lunch. Room service portions are tiny and sit down takes forever!


Aug 02, 2014

We enjoyed breakfast in the dining room because of the excellent service


Aug 04, 2014

Eat in the dining room. Don't waste your time on the buffets.


Aug 06, 2014

The casino has a few slot machines by the door that have bonus cash dispensers that will randomly open at intervals. We saw them open several times during our trip so give them a try!


Aug 16, 2014

Use the interactive screens by the elevators. They have directions, menus, activities listed. It will save you time and help plan.


Aug 19, 2014

explore the ship early in your trip to become familiar and to enjoy all the wonderful things this ship has to offer. Breakfast and dinner are great in dining room and on deck 11


Aug 23, 2014

When you return from an excursion when docked, walk to the elevators on the other side of the ship. There will be fewer people waiting there. Most people go to the closest ones.


Aug 30, 2014

We took advantage of breakfast in the cabin. It gave us time to get ready for our shore excursions with less hassle.


Sep 05, 2014

Interact with the staff because they will make YOUR trip even better!


Sep 08, 2014

Reserve a suite and enjoy the special perks!


Sep 13, 2014

The Olive or Twist lounge on deck 14 was amazing!! Great 2-4-1 Martinis and Happy Hour daily.


Sep 20, 2014

Stick to the Main Dining Room for Dinner... you will not be disappointed.

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