784 Celebrity Equinox Tips


Mar 06, 2013

The adult pool was the best! No kids.


Nov 23, 2014

It's huge, easy to get lost the first day or two, but the staff are very helpful. The best coffee is made by Alexander on deck 5. Best drinks are at the Mast Bar on deck 14 Nehemia Best shopping is on the last day, great sales. there is always something to do on this ship

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Jan 03, 2013

if you go with a family or a group, get balcony staterooms and have the attendant unlock the barriers. It's like a connecting room but better!

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Jun 08, 2014

If you get one o the balconies on the angle of the ship, the balconies are triangle shaped and larger then the regular balconies on the ship.

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Apr 30, 2015

The atrium pool is one of the quietest and most relaxing spots on the ship. No children are allowed, and it was never crowded.

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Oct 26, 2015

Splurge on Morano's but get only 1 lobster entree if also sharing the Chateaubriand. Also, try the goat cheese soufflé and save room for dessert.

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Sep 20, 2011

The spa services were high sales pressure to buy porducts


Apr 12, 2013

Be sure to visit the glass blowing show! Fantastic. Also, spend some time on the grassy lawn area level 15 playing bocce ball or golf. Fun times!

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Apr 27, 2013

it was beautiful and well equipped. The only disappointment was in a day excursion to the Panama Canal, They're still doing a lot of work for the canal and measuring the Psnsv


Aug 18, 2019

If you can get several perks included it can make a big difference in your experience. We had the Wi-Fi, the classic beverage package and free gratuities.

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Feb 04, 2014

Don't miss out on the Glass Blowing show - great quality of their work and 'performance' of the show. We went at night - highly recommend. Also don't miss AquaSpa Cafe for smoothies and breakfast, or the Bistro on Five for crepes (Nutella, banana, pistachio - yummmm!) worth the $5.00 cover.

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Mar 20, 2014

There is free ice cream and sorbet up in the Oceanview Grill. Why pay for it in the Gelato store? The Aqua class is worth the additional money. Fresh fruit, bottled water, and afternoon canapies delivered to your room every day. Also a healthy menu in the Blu dining room which is for Aqua class.

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Apr 24, 2014

If booking a balcony room do not book on the 6th floor - obstruction and smokers outside on 5th floor - Got this room by guarantee

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May 03, 2014

As excursions are costly do your homeworks before the cruise. Take your time to study each excursions and reserve ahead of time the ones which will suit you the best.

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May 21, 2014

IF you go the the Greek Islands at the end of the season it is no where as packed so it is more relaxing, easy to get a table at a restaurant and a lot of the stores are making things down. If you go to see the glass blowing show on the ship get there early to get a seat.

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Jul 06, 2014

Ship is fairly new, and very luxurious. I definitely loved the Equinox Celebrity Ship!!!!! I would go again on this ship, or any other Celebrity cruise ship.

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