5 Celebrity Equinox Traveler Questions & Answers

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Q: Does anyone know if chef's table is being offered in 2019?

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A: kitchen tour took place, but no mention of a chefs table anywhere.

Answered by ron2dor on February 12, 2019

Q: Do You Use the Library on Cruise Ships?

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A: The Celebrity Equinox had a good selection in the library. I now carry my tablet that has about 100 books on it.

Answered by CruiselineMich on September 20, 2018

Q: Does Cirque du Soleil perform on the ship?

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A: Not on the 11 day southern Caribbean I was just on. They had a dance troupe that did do some Cirque type aerial work.

Answered by lgagain on November 21, 2018

Q: Where are smoking areas on the ship?

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A: At one corner on pool.deck..them designated smoking decks near theatre

Answered by frostwalker on October 6, 2018

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Q: Is there anything for kids to do onboard the ship?

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