852 Carnival Miracle Tips


Feb 21, 2013

make sure to see mr.ujang and staff in the dining room were excellent, Gaurav Kulkarni (casino host) is a gem of a person, all the staff members were a pleasure to be around!!


Mar 01, 2013

If you are thinking about going to one of the 24 hr/open eating joints, then get in line -- there will be a wait!


Mar 04, 2013

If you are considering a show go early! They really fill fast therefore all the best seats get taken.


Mar 06, 2013

There was never a short line on this ship. On the Lido deck everyone came, saved a large table, regardless of how many in their group and caused a table shortage on more than one occasion. Perhaps the staff should be suggesting to guests that larger tables be left vacant for larger groups.


Mar 13, 2013

Dont be scared to ask for anything. We used room service 1 time it was great we got our orange juice in 5 minutes.


Dec 31, 2014

steak house nick and nora was the highlight for us


Jul 30, 2013

Train ride in Skagway is the best trip you can go on. the sites are amazining


Jul 31, 2013

Get a balcony room at all costs. It's worth it.


Aug 05, 2013

We did like to go to Lido deck,,,,,because we could have different foods,, still together


Aug 06, 2013

Food was great eat all you want, which was taken advantage by two people in our party


Aug 08, 2020

Gatsby's Garden on the Atlantic deck is a quiet place to read or play cards with friends. No one goes there.


Aug 27, 2013

The Miracle was built in 2004 -- beautiful ship with outstanding decor


Sep 09, 2013

Opt for the balcony for great views. Be sure to take the shore excursions. If you just walk around the towns you will not see the real beauty of Alaska.


Dec 25, 2014

Nick and Noras was excellent and worth the extra charge. Food was not good in other areas. ship was supposed to be non-smoking except for limited areas, however there was smoking out in the open and nothing done about it. Propulsion problems were noted in April 2014-was not disclosed!!!


Sep 16, 2013

take another cruise line. the food was bad any place you ate it. the ship was falling apart. needed repairs badly.


Feb 07, 2013

i would share nothing about this ship. there really is nothing good to say about it. i would not recommend this cruise to noone. if you take it prepare yourself not to eat much unless you are in the dining room. don't expect pleasant workers.you should expect you and your family to sleep a lot when at sea days from being bored cause there is only so much trivia you could do. when going in there bathrooms be sure to be prepared to change the toilet paper and clean off the toilets yourself.


Sep 25, 2013

I wish the food was not the same thing every day


Oct 08, 2013

Quality of on board entertainment very good.

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