1384 Carnival Liberty Tips


Apr 02, 2013

Plan out your day somewhat. There is so much to do, you'll miss it if you don't, but be flexible to changes.


Oct 17, 2014

The pictures are very expensive and if you want to drink bottled water take your own. The tours were awesome. Don't worry about tips on board - Carnival automatically charges them to your tab. I would do most of my shopping before Costa Maya.


Apr 23, 2014

Get up early on "at sea days" and enjoy the Sea Day Brunch in the Silver Dining Room. It was so worth it. You can always get back in bed and nap on a full tummy. Try the adults only pool and hot tub. I also ate breakfast and lunch there in that area. Emile's was always so crowded.


Apr 04, 2013

For peace from annoying kids, check out the adult only pool and jacuzzis at the back of the ship.


Apr 09, 2013

Go to the comedy club and the Venetian Room shows. Stay away from the Steak House. Lonestar is better!


Mar 27, 2013

definately hit the martini bar and see Mirko. he is difinately a mixologist. the fruit in the drinks are better for you than all that sugar in the syrup mixers. oh...and don't forget about the cigar lounge. our bartender Yoga, was awesome


Jun 11, 2013

The top of the kids slide was the best place to lay out with an amazing breeze while cruising. Also, the popcorn is hidden behind the bar on the same deck as the outdoor movies.


Aug 12, 2014

The lounge chairs by the beach & pool dockside in Grand Turk are complementary. Sit near Margarettaville to hear the music.


Sep 08, 2014

Level 6 state rooms are the best. Guys burgers are AMAZING. Go to the Taste Bar, its the neatest thing on the ship. Fish n chips is hidden in the back of the ship in the Lido deck, well worth finding!


Sep 15, 2014

Guy's Burgers were awesome!!!


May 14, 2015

We do take sodas and water on board, $4+ for a can of Coke is a bit much, but typical of all lines. The support staff in the spa were great. Often so cold on board that a light jacket felt really good. Nothing unpleasant per se.


May 20, 2016

If you want a quiet place to relax and unwind, check out the Serenity adult lounging area. The activities around the main pool are fun to watch for a while but can be a bit much.


Apr 02, 2013

Go to the Pizza place for a quiet seating if Lido is too crowded


Jun 18, 2013

Ask for Bobby in the golden pavillion, he was the absolute best waiter.


Jun 17, 2013

Take your breakfast upstairs to the Fish 'n Chips location for a quiet morning dining. We also used this locale to play cards and visit when the Fish 'n Chips bar was closed.


Jun 25, 2011

Pick a chaise by the pool early on the lido deck before full.


Jan 02, 2012

Bring a water bottle, a big one from target or walmart ..good for filling with ice water by the pool and for those walks on the deck or even the beach


Mar 25, 2012

Check the newsletter every night and try to plan your next day with all the acqtivities


May 31, 2012

If you like flavored creamer in your coffee bring it .. This ship doesn't have it ;(


Dec 16, 2012

You can tell the ship has been renovated...carpet in good shape etc. Many places to sit and relax. We enjoyed the Serenity area.

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