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Super easy port to navigate. Drop off smooth and walk right into check in lines. Area is clean and restroom available. Boarded ship within 20 mins of drop off. Yeah!!!


I like the fact that it is not too busy there and beautiful weather. Early boarding is the best. Everyone at Carnival is so willing to help you and get you on your way.


Easy port yet to get in and out of. Once we arrived it was a nonstop entrance onto the ship and to our cabin. We checked our luggage in, went through security, they checked are carry on, and we were headed to the ship. We never sat down or stood in a line. I really missed not hearing my sail and sign card "ding" as I went onboard 😥. This was the first cruise that we had been on where they didnt give you your sail and sign card at check in. I wish every port was this easy to embark!


I love Long Beach and always have fun at the restaurants/bars along the marina before our cruise. Parking in the garage is easy and currently costs $19 per day, we were off the ship at about 7 AM and for some reason were not charged for parking at all when we left...bonus!

Visited: Oct 30, 2017

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