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Carnival has an amazing facility. Located inside the old Spruce Goose hanger, Carnival managed to start the cruise from shore. The facility has a great layout with easy access, helpful and caring staff, and a waiting area that is as comfortable it is beautuful. Parking is a breeze and only steps from the building entrance. Baggage checkin is on the ground floor of the parking structure. They make you feel like your cruise has started from the moment you arrive.


Long Beach port experience was fantastic, super easy, packed with helpful staff who kept directing you to the next station. You could not get lost or confused even if you wanted to. Going on board was very fast, easy and very well organized. Thank you Long Beach port We'll be back :-)


The new terminal at Long Beach is a major improvement from the old one. The terminal is now an all weather terminal, unlike the old one. The check in process is as easy as they come.


Our first cruise... we spent the night before at downtown Disney. We all had a great time. Port was clean and organized. Embarking and deportation was quick and easy. Already planning another cruise 🚢 from here.

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