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The new terminal at Long Beach is a major improvement from the old one. The terminal is now an all weather terminal, unlike the old one. The check in process is as easy as they come.


Our first cruise... we spent the night before at downtown Disney. We all had a great time. Port was clean and organized. Embarking and deportation was quick and easy. Already planning another cruise 🚢 from here.


Super easy port to navigate. Drop off smooth and walk right into check in lines. Area is clean and restroom available. Boarded ship within 20 mins of drop off. Yeah!!!


Easy port yet to get in and out of. Once we arrived it was a nonstop entrance onto the ship and to our cabin. We checked our luggage in, went through security, they checked are carry on, and we were headed to the ship. We never sat down or stood in a line. I really missed not hearing my sail and sign card "ding" as I went onboard 😥. This was the first cruise that we had been on where they didnt give you your sail and sign card at check in. I wish every port was this easy to embark!


Excellent embarkation experience, best one I've had to date. Terminal opens at 10:30am, water and bathrooms are available outside before hand. Boarding usually beings around 11:15-11:30. Staff friendly and helpful. The new interior is nicely decorated with plenty of references to the building's history. However, the walk up the gangway to the ship is very long and difficult for folks with mobility issues or if you are carrying on luggage. There is an elevator, but even from there it is still a long walk to the ship.

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