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Key West, Florida, photo">

Key West has the best diving, snorkeling, fishing and boating in the continental U.S. Just a three-by-five mile Island, Key West offers a treat for the masses that flock here. Locals and tourists alike stroll down Duval Street each night to witness the Sunset Celebration, where they find hand-made souvenirs, munchies, cold drinks and a show so spectacular, only nature could have created it.

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Galveston, Texas offers everything from entertainment to shopping, to over 32 miles of Gulf Coast beaches. Galveston's festivals, special events and attractions are enjoyable for islanders and tourists alike. Arts and entertainment is as much a part of the area's history as its Victorian architecture, and Galveston sparkles at night, from theater, music and dance, to reggae, rock and country.

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Houston, Texas

Houston is a cosmopolitan center with renowned universities, a symphony, and a world-class ballet and opera company. It's also home to a branch of America's space program and the Space Center Houston. Downtown Houston also has the oldest indoor pedestrian tunnel system in the nation. Visitors can avoid the city's traffic and humid climate in an underground dotted with restaurants and shops.

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The splendor of America's frontier is reflected in the tranquil beauty of timeless Blennerhassett Island. However, the placid nature of the isle belies its turbulent past. Blennerhassett Island's antiquity spans back to Ice Age hunters 9,000 years ago. Native American tribes lived on the island almost continuously, until white settlers began to flock into the Ohio Valley in the 1780s.

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