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Key West has the best diving, snorkeling, fishing and boating in the continental U.S. Just a three-by-five mile Island, Key West offers a treat for the masses that flock here. Locals and tourists alike stroll down Duval Street each night to witness the Sunset Celebration, where they find hand-made souvenirs, munchies, cold drinks and a show so spectacular, only nature could have created it.

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Key west was fun. we had breakfast and then went shopping. shopping was pretty convenient and we found a shop that sold shorts for 5 bucks but I can not remember the name unfortunately. Key west was very clean and had lots of photo opts. I loved the statues all over. wild chickens ran around but totally ignored us.


Absolutely LOVED Key west. It was very peaceful and beautiful. Great key lime pie, tried a huge cookie that was delicious. Very cheap souvenirs. The salespeople are not pushy. A wonderful place to retire.

Visited: Apr 16, 2018

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It looks like places are opening up in Key West! I've looked up a couple of places that are open. Things are improving there. Still praying for all the islands hit by the hurricanes. I'm in the Houston area and I saw more houses and businesses nearly destroyed by Harvey. Very sad.


I took a key lime pie making class at Key Lime Pie Co. It was pretty cool to learn about the company's history, how they make their pies, and create my own. We did not prepare the ingredients which I would have enjoyed and was looking forward to but, we did fill and decorate our pies. They were very delicious.

Visited: May 14, 2018

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