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The splendor of America's frontier is reflected in the tranquil beauty of timeless Blennerhassett Island. However, the placid nature of the isle belies its turbulent past. Blennerhassett Island's antiquity spans back to Ice Age hunters 9,000 years ago. Native American tribes lived on the island almost continuously, until white settlers began to flock into the Ohio Valley in the 1780s.

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by Nonijo

As we were sailing away from New York City, the views of the skyline and bridges on the East River were amazing. And sailing passed the Statue of Liberty is a very special experience.

Visited: Jun 07, 2010

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by Captain308

We were worried about traffic and flying into NY and traveling to the port. All seemed to go really smooth. Got an Uber to and from the port to the airport. Was smooth getting on and off the ship in this port as well. Great experience.


by Petsway

JFK was a nice airport, although a very long walk to baggage area. The port would have been great if we had some assistance from the guys lounging around. No offer of help and bad attitude when asked questions. No one from the ship was available to guide or help us.

Visited: Sep 29, 2019

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