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by RobertFarrell

I found a very picturesque little alleyway called Carrera 3 in the downtown area of Santa Marta. This “street” is lined with restaurants, bars, and merchants. In places, trees from the parks along it path hang over the narrow street and create a colorful “old world” look. This is a pedestrian walkway and there are no cars to compete with.

by kenpw

A very good port to visit. We didn't take a ship tour but did hire an English speaking guide/taxi driver who gave us a great tour, especially of Taganga Beach. There's plenty in Santa Marta and we felt safe and secure the entire time we were there. This is a good port.

Visited: Jan 02, 2019

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by sthomas230

Other than the canal transit probably our favorite day. We highly recommend the La Victoria Coffee plantation excursion. Established in 1892 they still use 100+ year old water powered equipment. Hope you get the owner for your tour as she is amazing. So remote that the last 30 minutes you have to get into 4 wheel drive vehicles to reach the coffee farm through a rough tropical rainforest “road” but that is a fantastic experience itself.

Visited: Oct 12, 2019

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by lstout

Didn't care for this stop at all! The port is a shipping yard for their coal mining operation and from our balcony we had a "lovely" view of a huge pile of coal! We weren't allowed to walk on the pier at all due to all the industrial operations going on. There were very few excursions offered... luckily we were the only ship in port that day but they made no effort to stagger the buses and everyone was crowded into the museums, shows, etc. at the same time. Would not want to go here again!

Visited: Oct 30, 2018

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