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Belize City is the country's chief seaport, so snorkeling and diving is big here...bring a suit! Travel to a city previously inhabited by the Mayan people at Altun Ha, ancient temple of the Sun God. Or visit the Belize Zoo or Baboon Sanctuary. Gales Point is a great place to view manatees!

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We enjoyed Belize surprisingly considering we were not going to get off the boat because of others reviews...however why go to another country and not?? So we did. Was our first tender we ever had to take and was about 15-20 long but not bad at all. We did some shopping and then decided to take trolley tour through the city since we would be with many other people and not by ourselves. Stopped by the Rum factory for tasting and got some drinks (strong ones I must say) then finished tour which was very informative and eye opening of life in Belize. Tour guide recommended Ms Patty's belizean food when we got off of trolley. Ms Patty was so welcoming and nice! The food was amazing and cheap and was right outside of port where we did more shopping before entering back through port. We sat and talk with some locals that were on their lunch break while we ate. Never felt unsafe even though it was only us four females, two of which being teenage girls for a graduation trip. Dont let others reviews discourage you from exploring and supporting these people in this country. As we were we told on the tour that the tourists are their main source of income and would not want anything bad to happen to tourists because that would be taken away. Made us very appreciative and grateful for our very prilvedged lives.


I read so many bad reviews of this port that I was very surprised to see how beautiful it actually was. We didn't do an excursion, but we just tendered over and shopped. The people were nice, the atmosphere was fun and inviting, and the scenery of the shopping port was very culturally beautiful. The water is not as blue as most people like, but it's not ugly at all. Don't shrug this port off based on reviews, take a chance and discover it for yourself. It's part of the experience.


Most of the bad reviews must come from those that never left the port itself. Yes it is a third world country and you will get bombarded for your dollars but on the other hand, you will get great prices and the service will be worth more than what you paid for. All you need to do is exercise the same caution you would in any major city. I found the people of Belize to be extremely proud of their country, very funny, and helpful as well as informative. The jungle cave tubing experience was absolutely breathtaking and it was the most memorable experience of my cruise. I am more likely to go back to a Western Caribbean cruise due to the Belize itinerary despite the annoying tender ride there. Everybody that did an Excursion there was bragging about it later. I'm sure the snorkeling and the ruins tours were equally breathtaking.


The cave tubing in Belize is really amazing! The tour we went on we booked ourselves and not from the ship. We did zip lining and cave tubing. For the cave, bring your own water shoes that are hefty. It's a 40 walk along rocks and stream beds and my son had blisters and was miserable because the shoes they rent you don't have padding. TRUST me on this!


BEAUTIFUL. Had a wonderful time here. Belize very nice people. Shopping was fun and exciting. The drinks were really good!! My husband tasted his drink and said is there any alcohol in here ( he was just playing around) the bartender picked up rum bottle and begin pouring more in his cup until he said ok STOP!! WE WERE DRUNK!! FUN FUN FUN!!

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