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Once the port where the wealth of the New World flowed back to the Old, Cartagena also served as a notorious base for privateers and pirates. Today, you can stroll the tree-lined Spanish colonial artistry of old in the streets and see the works of the Gold Museum. The port is also a great place to find bargains on emeralds.

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Mangroves Tour


Mangroves TourGet in touch with nature on this fun Cartagena mangroves tour. Your Cartagena canoe to...

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Private City Tour

City Tour The city tour last four hours. It starts in the same port or location with a welcome intr...

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Walking Tour of the Walled City

Walking Tour of the Walled CityGo for a scenic walk in Cartagena and travel back in time as you pass...

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Emerald Tour


Emerald TourTravelers from around the world visit Cartagena to admire its beauty. But there's more t...

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Don't let the fact its Columbia scare you like it originally did me. The people are friendly, the little sanctuary near the port is amazing. Saw tons of rescues. A baby sloth, baby ant eater, around 50 parrots, tiny monkeys if you can spot them, peacocks, peahens and even a flamingo chick with its flock! Theres even more if you can find them, if they fly or climb they are not in cages so they can freely crawl or fly around you, the ground walkers such as the ant eaters are in a fenced in area for their safety from us. I highly recommend once out of the main port in old town, ask locals for their favorite food stop. We were walked to a little hole in the wall restaurant with some of the BEST bolognese sauce I've ever had in my life, it was like a sweet pork sauce. My parents had the best chicken and beef. Even the soda is better than in the us as it's full of carbonation and tastes good.


by hawgreen

This port caught us totally by surprise because it wasn't what we were expecting at all. It's a little Miami in the new town - all white condo buildings and sky scrapers. And in the old town, the walled city is a must see! There was so much history to hear about see. The only downfall was the unrelenting vendors trying to sell us hats and everything else, they never stopped! But upon return to the cruise ship terminal, there's a free small zoo and Juan Valdez store and they were so nice to go through before getting back on the ship - macaws, peacocks, black swans, pink flamingos!

Visited: Apr 08, 2018

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by JGP12

This is a great place. The old town with its magnificent wall is beautiful and charming. Nice colonial style architecture, very colorful buildings with balconies full of flowers. The churches are lovely. Nice squares and quaint small streets. Lots of great history. Vendors may be pushy but just ignore them. Truly enjoyed it.


by RussAnne

FABULOUS excursion, “Cartagena City Tour” booked through Ship Mate. (Often see Benny’s name as a guide) Also available through Trip Advisor. Saw lots of things. Guide very knowledgeable, and we felt very safe in her company. Only 6 of us on the tour. Great price for that kind of service.

Visited: Jan 09, 2019

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by cruiseahol

Loved it. Beautiful loved it all. Best avoided by people who are afraid of people trying to make a living. A simple no is all that's needed. We got a local tour guide who was really good. Free time around Cartagena was great.

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