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Once the port where the wealth of the New World flowed back to the Old, Cartagena also served as a notorious base for privateers and pirates. Today, you can stroll the tree-lined Spanish colonial artistry of old in the streets and see the works of the Gold Museum. The port is also a great place to find bargains on emeralds.

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This port caught us totally by surprise because it wasn't what we were expecting at all. It's a little Miami in the new town - all white condo buildings and sky scrapers. And in the old town, the walled city is a must see! There was so much history to hear about see. The only downfall was the unrelenting vendors trying to sell us hats and everything else, they never stopped! But upon return to the cruise ship terminal, there's a free small zoo and Juan Valdez store and they were so nice to go through before getting back on the ship - macaws, peacocks, black swans, pink flamingos!

Visited: Apr 08, 2018

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I booked a tour with a local company - Dora de Zubiria and they were fabulous. Four of us did the tour and we had a driver and guide. We were only in port for a short day so had a 4 hour tour of this amazing city. Starting at the Convent of Santa Cruz which is on the highest hill, we were able to see the whole city, including where the ship was. We had a short stop at the Castillo de San Filipe de Barajas, a huge fortress built in the 16th century. Then on to markets before arriving at the Old Town. We had a walking tour here which was brilliant. The buildings are all painted in amazing colours and bougainvillea flows over walls adding to the splendour. You can take a horse drawn carriage tour here. We went in a number of buildings and finished on the top of the wall that surrounds the city.

Visited: Apr 20, 2014

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Exclusion with Dora the Explorer is great. City tour hits all the city highlights and is expertly run by a experienced guide. Cheaper than ship tour.


Cartagena, Colombia was the super surprise port that really exceeded our expectations. There is a free zoo as you exit the cruise port and the city is really beautiful. It put us in such a good mood that we did end up buying a tour for 5 people rather than just walking to the beach. Good Job Cartegena!

Visited: Feb 17, 2018

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