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The second-largest city in Costa Rica, Puerto Limon will leave you with a lifetime of memories. Soak in the distinct Caribbean flavor of the city's world-famous Carnivale de Limon. See the wonder of the sea turtle nesting grounds in Tortugero. Delight in the dolphins at Manzanillo National Park. Or, if ultimate relaxation is your goal, sprawl luxuriously on any of the area's lavish sand beaches.

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Tortuguero & Plantation Exploration

Tortuguero & Plantation Exploration


Tortuguero & Plantation Exploration On this compact tropical journey, you'll understand why Costa R...

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River Rafting

River Rafting


River RaftingThe excitement begins as you are personally picked up by your local, knowledgeable guid...

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Highlights of Limon

Highlights of Limon


Highlights of Limon City You won't want to miss this unforgettable tour of Costa Rica. On these Pue...

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Private Vehicle and Guide Half Day

Private Vehicle and Guide Half Day


Private Vehicle and Guide Half Day Customize your own tour and explore the beauty of Puerto Limon!...

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by PrioritySail

I really liked Puerto Limon. They boast pristine beaches, sprawling banana plantations and dense rainforest. I saw all three in one day and it was no boast! My kids and I went in different directions that day. They took a more "vigorous" shore excursion in the "Canopy Zipline Tour In Veragua Rainforest ($99.95 each for 4 1/2 hours)." They glided through the rainforest on specially-built traverses and cables and got a bird's eye view of the rainforest canopy. They followed their guide to the first platform and then navigated 11 traverses at heights of up to 150 feet above the forest floor and loved it! They also did a walk through the Veragua Rainforest research center and park. It was a stunningly beautiful and exciting day for them. I took two back to back shore excursions that day: (1) "Tortugero Canal Cruise" that cost $74.95 for 3 hours and (2) "Scenic Drive/Folkloric Show" that cost $44.95 for 2 hours 45 minutes. Both were Princess excursions and I really enjoyed both. Good value for the cost. My first excursion began at the pier where I climbed aboard air-conditioned transportation (much appreciated) to Moin's private dock. I then boarded a jungle pontoon boat specially designed to cruise comfortably and quietly through the canals. Tortugero is also known as Costa Rica's "Amazon" because of the surrounding rainforest. It is a system of canals that links remote "Barra del Colorado" and "Tortugero" with Puerto Limon and they are one of the main natural attractions of the region. There one can discover the less-traveled Caribbean side of Costa Rica (which means Rich Coast). Along the canals, I saw gorgeous orchids, water lilies, monkeys, lots of cranes, caiman sunning on logs or on the shore, a sloth high up in a tree and enough greenery to last a lifetime. It was hot that day, but the breezes generated by our boat moving helped a lot. Everywhere I looked, there was untamed beauty. Our boat guide was very knowledgeable and had a nice personality. Can't remember his name. He stopped the boat at one point, pulled up to the water's edge, hopped off the boat and proceeded to find us the poisonous red frog that he had just been telling us about. He brought one back to the boat, wrapped in a big banana leaf, and showed us a closer look, if we wanted. Obviously, no one wanted him to pass that around! After the cruise, they served us complimentary fresh, tropical fruit--pineapple and bananas--and soft drinks. We had a few minutes to browse in their souvenir shop and then they took us back to the ship. My second excursion began about an hour later. There was a live 3-person band at the end of the dock where the buses came and went who were basically playing for "tips." I listened to lively reggae and Caribbean music which was very entertaining. There are Afro-Caribbean and Jamaican influences in Costa Rica. Of course, the people-watching opportunities abounded as I watched folks go back to and come from the Island Princess. On the second excursion, I would be seeing local dancers in authentic costumes that would "captivate us with traditional dances and encourage us to join in the fun." When we arrived back to the same landing where I took the canal cruise, their performance began and they did just that--captivated us. I am certainly a sucker for a good folkloric dance troupe and I thought it was well done--good music, lovely costumes and friendly performers. They interacted with the audience and were very personable and anxious to entertain and share their culture. Afterward they served us the same kind of refreshments we had that morning. They also had a local woman selling "Spicy Beef Patties" and I bought one. Again, it was good. I totally enjoyed both my excursions and when I was returned to the ship, I truly felt like I had seen a "piece of Costa Rica."

Visited: Mar 30, 2019

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by floridian

Very friendly people, went to a banana plantation and river tour was fun. Lot of opportunities for photos along the way. Lots of wildlife down the river. Monkeys, sloth and birds.


by sswinks

Took a 4 hour tour of Costa Rica, which included a bus tour around Limon, a walking tour in the rainforest, and a boat ride thru the Tortuguero Canals. Tour was interesting, had fresh fruit cups waiting for us after we exited the boat. Not expensive.

Visited: Feb 28, 2019

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by khubs42

Great for the wildlife, very beautiful once you leave the city itself, but our excursion itself was lackluster. I’d definitely return to see more of the country but do something else instead.

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