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Puntarenas is a paradise of sand beaches, pristine rainforests, and tranquil turquoise seas. Guests will find themselves in a watersport-lover's paradise, with fun-filled options ranging from water skiing to scuba diving readily available throughout the province. Puntarenas boasts mild weather and tropical sunshine, offering languid days to spend relaxing in the surf and sand.

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We took a bus tour from a salesman out by the end of the pier. We went to feed the monkeys, see the crocodile and to a rainforest garden. We paid $25 each. The ship excursion was $115 each. We stopped at the same places.

Visited: Mar 27, 2016

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This was our favorite shore excursion. We did "A Real Coffee Experience" where we visited a coffee plantation and saw how coffee beans are grown, harvested and roasted. We also got to sample some of the coffee and had the best cup of coffee we have ever had.

Visited: May 10, 2018

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We took an excursion to a coffee plantation and Cart factory. The tour guide (Oscar) was excellent and the coffee plantation tour was excellent, the cart factory tour was very good..

Visited: Mar 06, 2018

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Costa Rica is the most beautiful country and i'm so glad I did the full day tour into the high country to a coffee plantation. It was so hot and humid on the coast, so the cool interior was a welcome change. We had several stops on the way including a great shop with an amazing painted exterior, covered in paintings of local birds, traditional buildings and carts. The tour of the coffee plantation was really interesting and included a lovely lunch of local food, plus the chance to taste all of the different types of coffee they sold. Just make sure to buy some to take home. A note to Aussies - you can bring it back. Just make sure you declare it though.

Visited: Apr 20, 2014

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We took the River Cruise and saw many birds and several alligators. There was a nice shopping area at the river and also shopping at the port. It's a poor area with people begging around the port.

Visited: Jan 19, 2018

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