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The festive strains of a marimba band are never far away in Puerto Quetzal, your gateway to Guatemala's authentic Amerindian culture. Enjoy an excursion to Antigua, the former colonial capital, celebrated for its European flavor and magnificent architecture.

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Make the 90-minute drive to Antigua. See Central Park, the Cathedral, Governor's Palace and the church & convent. Have lunch in historic Casa Santo Domingo now a hotel and cultural center with several museums - candles & ceramics, art and handicrafts. Visit the Jade Museum Factory

Visited: Dec 08, 2014

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Took the NCL tour to Antigua with a guide. It had it all, smoking volcanoes on the drive up to a cool (take a sweater) beautiful city with colorful street vendors. Btw, we had no problem with beggars or vendors in any port, they respected a polite “No thank you” as long as you didn’t stop to look at their goods. The Jade factory was surprisingly interesting. Don’t miss the talk by the owner.

Visited: Jan 19, 2018

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We enjoyed the excursion to a coffee plantation. It was a family-owned, rather small farm where we were escorted by the owner. After the tour, we were invited to sample the coffee with some cookies. A local weaver had some of her wares on display and available for sale.


Antigua is a great town to visit. We took the self-guided tour bus because we were meeting family there and we have been there before. Lake Atitlan is such a beautiful lake with the volcano behind it and such beautiful views. I didn't talk to anyone who had been on the Tikal excursion, but I have been there before and it is not to be missed.

Visited: Apr 14, 2015

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