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The Tower of Hercules, a Roman lighthouse, shone over the sea and city of La Coruna for the first time over 2,000 years ago. Since then, it has guided thousands of vessels to the safety of the port - a rich melting pot of culture and that of the many visitors. Today, the city of La Coruna is one of Europe's main ports. By sea, road or air, the city welcomes you with its classic friendliness like it welcomes thousands of people who, every year come to visit the city and contemplate the oldest lighthouse of the world which is still working.

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Had a fantastic day in La Coruna. Ship docks in town with a lovely view. We booked a tour with Hércules Tours before and saw all the sights including the lighthouse and the octopus!


The Beach was just a 15 minute walk. Herkules tower 30 mins walk. Lovely place to walk around. Just got off the ship and had a lovely day. Had a few parks for children nearby.


Ship is docked right next to shopping mall Fabulous beach in walking distance, we had 2 young children who didn’t moan so must of been nearby. Walk through lovely traditional shops to get to the beach


Excellent. Walked around the beautiful Old Town which is a must. We also visited the old Fort at the port which is another must see. Beautiful square with cafes to sit and watch the world go by.

Visited: Sep 08, 2018

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