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The major island in the chain known as the Balearics, Mallorca is Spain's sunny outpost in the Mediterranean. The town of Palma boasts a shady plaza near the Gothic Cathedral. Visit the Roman ruins and the Drach Caves nearby, or journey to the enchanting village of Valledemosa. Leave time to shop for lovely majolica faux pearls and hand-made lace.

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Don't miss this island! Even with an amazing itinerary, it was a highlight! Take the city center bus at the end of the pier. For 15 euro they will drop you off in front of the Cathedral,you can walk blocks to the Arab baths and enter for only 2.50 euro and walk the neighborhoods for amazing tapas and quaint shopping! The roads are very clearly marked. There is an old church Near the baths, Santa Eulalia in which you can climb their very old bell tower and look out at the entire city and Spanish roof tops. Them you enter the basilica. just gorgeous! My husband and boys loved the climb and view. It felt like a hidden gem and I highly recommend it!!!


LOVED Mallorca!! Walked right off the boat and rented e-bikes. Rode all over the city. There is a fabulous bike and walking path around the whole shore line with amazing views and cafes etc. throughout your ride. There are castles and cathedrals and lots to see. It was our favourite port!! Great way to end a busy week!

Visited: Jul 08, 2018

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Really surprised by how beautiful Palma was. Lovely place, so much to do and see. Also really easy to get around so you don't need to do an excursion.

Visited: Jul 08, 2017

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One trip highlight....We rented e-bikes at the port entry (little kiosk with normal bikes on the left and ebikes on the right....they weren't advertised as ebikes) and cycled an unbelievably easy 35km along the fantastic cycle path the shoreline pay many little beaches and refreshment stop offs.

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