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Venice enchants you from your first glimpse as your ship glides through the Grand Canal. A world power in the middle ages, its affluence lives on in its beautiful old buildings like those surrounding Piazza San Marco. Be sure not to leave without a romantic ride along the canals in a gondola.

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My favorite city of all time. If you want to do a Gondola Ride, DON’T spend 100 or 150 euros per person on a cruise excursion. You can find your own throughout the city for 80 euros TOTAL for both of you!!!! They are everywhere. Easy to find and their prices are listed. 80 euros before 7 pm. 100 euros after 7 pm.


Venice is fantastic. If you stay in Venice itself and want to be near things but far enough away that you aren’t bothered, stay at the Aqua Palace. Double windowed rooms that are HUGE with great bathrooms and amenities. We had a room overlooking the canal, and the gondolas parked right outside but we never heard a sound unless we opened both windows. Don’t take a water taxi - just take the vaparetto as it’s much less expensive and has many stops. It’s not a hassle with luggage either from the airport - they help you with those things. We found that traveling that way got us in with the locals as well, which we always like to do. We found everyone to be very nice and had no bad or rude interactions as others have posted. When traveling outside your own country, especially in a crowded space, you have to realize that you’re a visitor there and that it disrupts their daily lives for you to be there. Yes tourist dollars are immense, but it’s not all fun for the locals. Go to: San Marco, Doge’s Palace, Murano for a few hours, eat at an out of the way back street cafe, take the gondola ride (€80 and worth it), and La Fenice. There are tons of churches and such and all are beautiful. Just explore and enjoy!!


Very picturesque. A photographer's dream. No need for shore excursion at this port. Walk 15 mins to the public water taxis at Piazzale Roma from the ship and take Vaporetto #1 to St. Marks Square. A 20 euro day pass allows you to jump on and off Vaporettos all day.

Visited: Jun 12, 2015

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