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About Sete (Carcassonne), France

Sete, France, is the charming port which leads you to Carcassone, a walled city which dates back to the time of the Roman Empire. Explore the town's boutiques and cafes. Be sure to sample "cassoulet"--a delightful combination of meats cooked with beans. It's the specialty of the city.

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Really nothing much to do in sete once you’ve walked along the canal and through town. Our least favourite stop of the cruise. Should have taken the excursion to Montpellier.


There is nothing to do in Sete, so you have to take a tour. We did Monpelier, which was ok. The guide (Morgan) was rude, and there wasn't enough time in town to do what we wanted. The wine tasting was among 100 people--rather a joke.

Visited: May 17, 2018

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