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Climb the hill beyond Belfast Castle for a stunning view of this charming city. Soak up the nine thousand years of Irish history at the Ulster Museum in the Botanical Gardens. Sit on one of Belfast's many benches and watch the street musicians or head to the pub for a pint. Stroll the streets and marvel at the city's Victorian and Edwardian architecture.

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Titanic Experience is a must see when you are in this town. Book your own tickets so you can spend all the time you want. Clean streets and nice atmosphere. We really liked it a lot. Hope to return asap!


The Titanic Experience was excellent! Also, be sure to go to Victoria Square, just a short walk from the Visitor's Information Center downtown. It is a typical shopping mall, but it has a glass dome on top that you can climb up to and get a gorgeous 360 panoramic view of the city for free!

Visited: Jul 07, 2016

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We went to Giant's Causeway tour. This was a tough decision as I also wanted to learn more about the history of Belfast. We lucked out as the tour guide shortened the Causeway stop a bit to add on a great tour around Belfast with a great commentary about the troubles. Loved visiting the Falls Road murals.

Visited: Jul 12, 2017

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