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Split is the perfect introduction to the Croatian Adriatic Sea, offering both a bustling cosmopolitan setting and a number of enjoyable destinations. The city is so breathtaking that Roman Emperor Diocletian chose it as the setting for his palace in the third century. Diocletian's Palace still stands today, drawing visitors from around the globe with its centerpiece of ancient buildings.

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The old town is just 15 minutes away. Very easy walking. It’s small but wonderful. Found a restaurant Konoba Lucac just 5 minutes from the tourists attractions. Great traditional Dalmatia food and great price.


Split was also very nice. Lot of beauty and experiences await by just walking around and also driving to other parts of the city to see different views of all the island and possibilities just off the coast.

Visited: Mar 08, 2018

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Very busy port. Would have liked more options on where to go when not doing an excursion. Pretty place though

Visited: Aug 11, 2018

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A much larger town, it is famous for Diocletian's Palace. I guess I didn't research this enough and was somewhat disapointed with the Palace. It was really a walled town in which 3000 people live. There are hundreds of building in the palace and some of them are more recent looking. All of these ports we visited were crowded, even in October but there weren't many families with children at that time. I can't imagine how these ports would be in summer.

Visited: Oct 03, 2017

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