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Dubrovnik, a Croatian port, is considered the most beautiful city on the Dalmatian coast. Dubrovnik sits high on a cliff overlooking the sea, and is nestled in the shadow of Mount Srdj. The walls of the city are one of its landmarks, and many structures from the medieval era remain standing, despite the many battles fought in Dubrovnik throughout history.

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Dubrovnik is a very expensive, but beautiful place - generally Croatia is much, much cheaper (we live in Croatia), but with the Game of Thrones etc, you expect it to be. It's also very, very busy (in the summer especially) but well worth the visit. A tip: Don't pay stupid prices for taxis - around the corner from the port exit, there are buses 1A, 1B and 3, taking you straight to the old town fo...

Visited: Jun 17, 2017

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Yet again another beautiful place. We took the tour to the Seaside resort of Budva and then had some free time so sat at a table on the beach for a "croatian beer" and still had plenty of time to walk around Dubrovnik before having to get back on the ship.

Visited: May 06, 2017

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Old town is very interesting. If you don't take a tour, know that yrs ago residents learned from disasters in other cities: walls are limestone (don't burn), there are no balconies on main street where residents take refuge during earthquakes and all streets slope to the sea for drainage.

Visited: Apr 02, 2017

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Gorgeous place. We bought the Dubrovnik card for 23 eur pp. Well worth it - buses, city wall, fort, about 10 places. But a few are closed on monday's, and many close around 4. So, make a mad dash with a plan. I can see why G.O.T. filmed there. Can still see there gears and wires lying around for the next season.

Visited: Jun 04, 2017

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