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With its steep volcanic flanks looming straight up from the sea, and the tiny white village of Thira clinging high atop the cliffs, Santorini is perhaps the most breathtaking and legendary of all the Greek Isles. To the south is Akrotiri, where recent Minoan excavations support the theories that Santorini might be the fabled lost continent of Atlantis.

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Highlight of the trip - walked up and back on the donkey track! Top marks to P & O literature for recommending not using the donkeys for welfare reasons, it was apparent that very few English used them, mainly American and Japanese.

Visited: May 14, 2017

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Our favorite stop for this cruise. Santorini is the typical Greece that you see in movies or TV. The white buildings and churches with the blue dome roof. The ship docks at sea and you have to take a tender to get to shore. We took the ship's excursion to visit the Village of Oia and wished we had more time. Beautiful views driving up the mountain and we saw donkeys crossing the street. Lots of cute shops and places to eat. We enjoyed brunch and then walked the cute little streets of shops. Our bus took us to Thira which is located at the top mountain/cliff. Breathtaking views, deep blue water with more restaurants, shops galore, pedicures (with little fishes in the water). The tour included a ride down from Thira to the sea level on a gondola which they call a "cable car" takes you from the top down to sea level. The ride down takes about 5 minutes but the line waiting for the ride down can get very long in the afternoon. The ship recommends you do not take the donkey's or walk down.

Visited: Jul 09, 2017

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From tender pier take the local tour boat to Oia for blue domes as seen on travel posters, then bus to Thira (included). Walk down with the donkeys to tenders, ride a donkey, or wait in a long line for cable car.

Visited: Apr 02, 2017

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