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With its steep volcanic flanks looming straight up from the sea, and the tiny white village of Thira clinging high atop the cliffs, Santorini is perhaps the most breathtaking and legendary of all the Greek Isles. To the south is Akrotiri, where recent Minoan excavations support the theories that Santorini might be the fabled lost continent of Atlantis.

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Private Group Gourmet and Gastronomy

Private Group Gourmet and Gastronomy


Private Group Gourmet and GastronomyAfter tendering from your ship to the pier in Fira, you will mee...

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Private Hidden Paths

Private Hidden Paths


Private Hidden PathsAvoid the typical tourist traps and see a special side of Santorini that very fe...

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Santorini Traditional Villages and Sunset

Santorini Traditional Villages and Sunset


Uncover the beauty of Santorini and its traditions; travel through vineyards to Mesa Gonia to see it...

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Private Guide and Vehicle - Half Day Santorini

Private Guide and Vehicle - Half Day Santorini


Enjoy four hours exploring Santorini and all its sites in the order you want when you book this exci...

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by alexia9899

Chose to ship excursion at this port. Decided on the Best of Santorini, which took us to Akrotiri archaeological site first. Then a visit to Oia for some beautiful freetime. After spending 2 hours there just gazing at all the beautiful blue domes we then went to Santos Winery for a tasting. Fabulous views as we were sipping some delicious wines. Lastly we spent an hour or so in Fira. The entire tour lasted 7.5 hours and was so worth it. The tour guides were excellent and this was the best decision I made since there were 5 ships in port and heard the line for the cable car was ridiculous. Our bus driver drove us back down to Athinos port for the tender not ever having to deal with the chaos of the cable car. Excellent day here.


by blankhorse

Very nice port. The road up to the top was scary but the views were breath taking! We took the cable car back down. Amazing. They also use the donkeys. We had a very bad experience at a restaurant here and would like to warn all future visitors not to go there. The restaurant has breathtaking views but that’s it. Our group, six of us, walked in and sat at a table an ordered 6 Alpha beers(local Greek beer) the waiter said he didn’t have any but had something comparable. Vulcan made locally. We said sure. What we found strange was the fact that they did not bring the bottles to the table and opened them in front of us like they did at all the other Greek towns we ate at. Instead I saw a 14 to 16 yr old boy pouring the beers from a can into the mugs. The beer was ok. We ordered a lunch that consisted of 2 individual pizzas , a ham sandwich and a Greek salad, and 4 more beers. The food was horrible and the 4 beers we had ordered were different then the ones we got before. The beer was more of an apple ale that was sweet. Long story short when they brought our bill it was 210 Euros ! The 6 Vulcan beers were 14 euros each and the additional 4 beers were charged to us as Alphas that they said they didn’t have! We disputed the bill and we were threatened by telling us that they would call the authorities to arrest us. Coerced and intimidated, we paid the bill. We noticed they had different menus with different prices after we paid. The restaurant is called Caldera Sunset View. I included 2 pictures . After we left we walked down half a block and asked another local restaurant employee about their beer and food prices. We explained what happened and they told us that restaurant has been ripping off tourists for years and they are well known in town for doing it. He showed us their beer prices ,Alpha 6 Euros and Vulcan 7 euros. It should be noted that the kitchen is located right next to the bathrooms where we ate. Please do not go to this restaurant. There are plenty of nice restaurants in Santorini to eat at.

Visited: Oct 14, 2017

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by craze

Wow Wow and Wow ! The boat stay parked on the water and little taxi boats take you to the little port near Fira town. To go up to the hill you can walk many steps (or helped with donkey) or take the cable car who bring you to Fira. Best view ever ! Nice weather and absolutely a must see. Go to the Volcano Island and Hot Spring Pool.


by koliver

We did a private all day excursion with a wonderful guide who I would highly recommend! He took us to a wine tasting at a local winery and lunch at a taverna on the black sand beaches of the Agean Sea. Incredible. I don't have words to describe the beauty of Santorini. It almost hurt to look at was all so brilliant and in technicolor almost. I will go back one day. :)

Visited: Apr 17, 2018

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