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The narrow passageways of Mykonos are a twisted maze of whitewashed houses, miniature churches, lazy windmills, and tiny cafes serving up Greek specialties. Sample the freshest squid or lobster just snatched from the blue Aegean Sea, or shop for typical flokati rugs.

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We did not book an excursion for this port...we just got off of the ship and explored the town on our own. Greece stole my heart in Mykonos. I am just saying. It was breathtakingly beautiful. We really enjoyed our Greek lunch of Gyros and Tzatziki sauce with fresher baked pita bread! What a beautiful is on my bucket list to go back!

Visited: Apr 17, 2018

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Incredibly scenic! Beautiful white buildings with sky blue trim. The bougainvillea also provide great color contrast. The pelican in the square greets everyone. We loved strolling the docks and admiring the colorful boats.


This is really what I imagined Greece would be like before we went. Blue water, white buildings, and good food. We are at a place off the beaten path but in the main town area and sat with our feet hanging over the sea. We enjoyed shopping - check out the Olive Tree shop, where they have great wood carvings. Buy a Greek “eye”. Just enjoy your time!


Walk through the narrow streets to the right of the pier to see the 4 windmills and the townhouses on the water with balconies over the water.

Visited: Apr 02, 2017

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We did not do an excursion on this port and we do not regret it. Mykonos has a large but walkable port town full of countless stores, tavernas, cafes, and even a museum here and there. There's also a small public beach right in the center of the port. Had we spent the day on a beach excursion or similar, we would have missed some great time in the town. Definitely check out the windmills.

Visited: Jul 16, 2017

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