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by Jsaldana

The old town is just 15 minutes away. Very easy walking. It’s small but wonderful. Found a restaurant Konoba Lucac just 5 minutes from the tourists attractions. Great traditional Dalmatia food and great price.


by MartinlJane

Split was our first port of call where we had no excursions booked. We were berthed in town so everyone could come and go as they pleased. We wandered into town, which has an unusual mix of modern shops in-amongst wonderful old buildings - you need to go for a wander into the streets behind the seafront to really experience the city. Don't miss the old palace and it's cellars, which we nearly did. We spent the afternoon on the nearby beach. A lovely relaxing day.

Visited: Sep 19, 2019

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by Cruiser606

Croatia was beautiful. It reminded me of a tropical island. We visited the Palace area here and did some shopping. Very peaceful place with a lot of sea front activity going on near the port. Public markets, shopping, art venues. It was nice. Again, very affordable.

Visited: Oct 22, 2017

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by abauld

Not the nicest bit of the city when you get off the ship, as you're bombarded with people trying to sell you unrealistic day trips (we were only there for a few hours). But once you've passed all that, and found the street stalls and the amazing narrow streets of the Diocletian Palace, it is easy to see why this has received Unesco World Heritage Site status. We found a beach some 15 minutes from the centre and spent a couple of hours there.

Visited: Jul 26, 2019

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by Lauraen

We walked into town from the dock. Really nice city with large walled old town. There was a market on the day we were there with mixed stalls selling everything from veg to antiques

Visited: Oct 18, 2019

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by StNoel00

Split is wonderful! We happened to be there in a Holiday so some stores were closed. Diocletian’s Palace is fun to roam. Euros are not accepted, you have to get Kunas and you will get sticker shock, a bottle of water is 4,000 Kuna 🤣

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