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by Jsaldana

The old town is just 15 minutes away. Very easy walking. It’s small but wonderful. Found a restaurant Konoba Lucac just 5 minutes from the tourists attractions. Great traditional Dalmatia food and great price.


by Dgrisham42

Hard to believe we were walking through a palace built in 295! Such history! Enjoyed the public markets, the local music and the shopping. The Dalmatian Singers in the dome in the palace were wonderful! Also got to the local Harley Davidson for a shirt from Split Croatia!

Visited: Aug 15, 2017

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by lscanlan

A much larger town, it is famous for Diocletian's Palace. I guess I didn't research this enough and was somewhat disapointed with the Palace. It was really a walled town in which 3000 people live. There are hundreds of building in the palace and some of them are more recent looking. All of these ports we visited were crowded, even in October but there weren't many families with children at that time. I can't imagine how these ports would be in summer.

Visited: Oct 03, 2017

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by mricho14

Always enjoy Split, just walk straight from the ship to the centre and once you get there, plenty of bars, restaurants and shops etc. Especially like the covered seating areas of the bars along the main strip past the harbour.

by Cruiser606

Croatia was beautiful. It reminded me of a tropical island. We visited the Palace area here and did some shopping. Very peaceful place with a lot of sea front activity going on near the port. Public markets, shopping, art venues. It was nice. Again, very affordable.

Visited: Oct 22, 2017

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