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by cwheels701

Knossos Palace is really the only thing to do here. Do not waste your money on a shore excursion through the cruise line. There is a bus station that takes you right to the palace and back for 5 euros per person, unlimited stops on the bus. There is a kiosk right when you get off the free shuttle bus from the ship to the front of the port by the taxi station. Ignore the taxi drivers trying to sell you on their trips and find the bus station kiosk on the left.

Visited: Oct 01, 2017

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by lmalmquist

We did not schedule any tour or excursion in Crete. When we got off the ship and noticed that there was nothing within walking distance, we decided to take a hop on/off bus. We visited a couple of historical sites and enjoyed lunch and shopping as well.

Visited: Jul 09, 2017

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by peanut590

booked a tour thru viator buggy ride in the mountains Only take 14 people in one trip. worth every dollar I spend. atv buggy. Great food in the mountains

Visited: Jun 11, 2016

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